Women Sells Her Pizza Business With The Law of Attraction

I have been using The Secret in various stages of my life for several years. (I KNOW that unless I am using it every day, it is not an internal knowing, but I have set the deliberate and consistent use of these disciplines as one of my new goals!) At any rate, I have owned a pizza restaurant for 15 years. I was single for most of the time and put myself through college, afforded by the freedom of owning my business. For the past several years, economics have changed in my area, not to mention that this restaurant was the original ‘dream’ of my ex-husband (whom I purchased the business from in the divorce).

I have been desiring to move into a joyous and lucrative phase of my life for a good long time, yet I spent many years attempting to bolster profits in this business, to no avail. I began to feel as if I was too negatively tied to this reminder of sadness in my past, and decided to sell it. I had ‘attempted’ to sell it before, half-heartedly, and with very little belief that anyone would want to buy this headache.

I awoke one morning and decided to set a date to close or sell. I set a price that I KNEW someone would pay. I notified people I thought may be interested and began to make arrangements for any alternative, selling equipment piece by piece, or selling outright. I began to panic in that wondrous middle of the night kind of way, and rented The Secret for the fourth time. Then I got serious about The Secret.

Woman sells pizza business the secret

I began by writing out all of my blessings on separate pieces of paper, one each for my children, my husband, my friends, my family, my health, and one for the blessing this business had been to me. I listed on each individual page the blessings and marvelous joy each person or thing had brought into my life, including the blessings this business had been.

I then wrote a statement about how happy I am now that my business was in loving hands, and that another was able to enjoy it, and into it, breathe the new life it deserved. I drew a picture (VERY poorly!) of the new owner exchanging a check for the exact amount of the asking price and dated the final day I had decided the business sale attempt would be, as I handed over the keys. I also downloaded a Secret check and made it out to me, and signed it “New Loving Owner of the Pizza Business.”

Suffice it is to say, I received a call from the friend of a past employee who was interested. I set my terms, and did not hear back for two days – mind you, the total time I had set was 20 days from my declaration to closing, two days was a long time! He finally let me know he wanted the business at the exact terms, in the exact time. Every moment of those 20 days was a struggle to keep the outcome in mind, and I would look at my picture and Secret check whenever I felt myself struggling. When we closed the deal, I made sure to hand the keys over in exchange for the check, exactly the way it was in my picture (just fun for me! VERY fun!)

My new goals are to give hope and confidence to others by using The Secret, and to remind all that attracting abundance is a beautiful birth-right. Each and every one of us deserves to live in the freedom of enjoying easily the wonders of this earth! So, practice, practice, practice!

About Barbara S. from Big Rapids, MI:

I am a 41 year old woman. I am married with two high school age sons. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and am opening my world to new endeavors. For the past 15 years, I have owned a pizza restaurant that I opened with my ex-husband. The business has been decreasing in profitability and joy for the last several years, and I feel that I must release it to move forward.

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