Girl Improves Her College Life With Law of Attraction

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Rhonda Byrne, the entire Secret Team, and to all those people who have posted their incredible stories on this site and have inspired me throughout.

All of you are a true blessing to the world!

I attracted The Secret 3 years ago, soon after my Class XII. As I started reading the book, I loved it and got addicted to it instantaneously, and I completely believed in every single word written in it. I was giving entrance exams for engineering at the time. I also wished to have an amazing college life, and like every other girl, wanted to look very beautiful.

Girl Improves Her College Life With Law of Attraction

The instant results that I got soon after reading The Secret were truly amazing! A few of them are:

1) I got selected in my Dream College, and got the exact stream that I wanted to opt for. My rank was the highest in my school, although there were many students in my school who were extremely brilliant and were supposedly more competent than me

2) I got RIDICULOUSLY high ranks in other colleges’ entrance exams too

3) I was among the top 5 rankers (among 200 students) in my school when the XII Board results came out. My wonderful performance in academics made my family extremely proud of me. They would feel extremely happy when every now and then people would come and congratulate them for my success. This was a very BIG achievement for me!

4) As I had wished for, my skin and hair started to improve a lot and I now looked prettier than ever before. I got more compliments than I had received in the entire 18 years of my life!

5) Whenever I go for shopping, I come across the best of things that I want to buy, be it clothes, footwear, or anything

4) In my college I was blessed with probably some of the best people in the world as my friends, with whom I’ve spend the best moments of my life, and have learned such a lot from each of them.

These are few of many things that have happened to me ever since. Also, I would like to mention an incident a few days ago. I was not in touch with my best friend from school for over a year. I was really missing her very much and wanted to talk to her, its been a long time since we met. I thought of contacting her, but eventually dropped the plan, thinking that she might have forgotten me. What happened in after 3-4 days really shocked me! I got a text from her saying how much she missed me and wanted to meet me! We had a long chat for over an hour and for the first time in our lives we freely expressed how much we loved each other, no matter how much the distance. No wonder we all are connected to each other, however big the world may seem to be.

I’ve read The Magic too and have made my Magic Wish list. I’m very very sure that all my dreams are on their way to become a reality in my life. This is my first story on this site and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to write more of my miracle stories!!!

I bless every single person reading this story, with all my heart and wish that all your dreams come true and may you have the most fulfilling life possible!

Story by Priyanka, India. A 21-year old girl, in love with life completely and enjoying the MAGIC of life every single day!




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