Man Describes His Life Changing Experience Because of the Secret

I am keeping a promise that I’ve made to share my story if changes came into my life, and as I do keep this promise today, I believe that what is happening to me right now is just the beginning. Let me explain…

Up to last July, I had this quite boring and ordinary life, unhappily married, working as a retail store manager (being frustrated and broke, 99% of the time), having no personal life or just about, always dreaming for better. But nothing really exciting happened anymore, and I had become sour, angry, unconfident, and desperate… Is my life going to be this way until the day I die?

So, at the end of July, I made a first step (not seeing the whole staircase). I separated from my wife. After 21 years of marriage, I figured it couldn’t get worse, and even though I didn’t exactly know what I wanted, I knew exactly what I didn’t want anymore. Hopefully, the next twenty years would be happier than the last twenty had been. My sister offered to take me in her home, until I could get back on my feet. And so I did…

Fall went by, and my work situation slowly got worse. I remember thinking, what the h… am I doing wrong now? The lawyer’s game had started between my ex-wife and I, and the anxiety at work increased on a daily basis. The stress was becoming unbearable.

Come November, the owner where I worked (a good man and a friend, having worked there for twenty years) passed away from a long fight with colon cancer. His wife was taking over, and this was bad news (we never got along). The stress level reached an unsurpassed peak. This was November 9th.

November 28th, my ex-wife’s lawyer is pushing the envelope, even though I had left everything behind (left with my clothes and my laptop), the amount of money being decided that I should pay every week for her and my 17 year old son was, let me just say, unreal. But I couldn’t “fight” it…and so more than half my weekly net salary would be gone until we got in front of the judge, end of January 2008. I was shocked, depressed, not seeing an end to what was happening to me…

Early December, I ask for a loan to be able to live. Refused. I ask for an increase on my credit card. Refused. My debts are becoming a serious issue! And I see no way out!!!

Mid December, I stumble across a book called “The Secret”, and I remember thinking, Yeah, I’ve heard about this “secret thing”… wonder what it is. And so I buy it. It stays on the shelf for a few days.

December 18th, my sister leaves me a written note, boldly saying that my negativity is making her too uncomfortable to tell me face to face, but plainly, she is asking me to leave… now.

December 18th, homeless, Will probably sleep in my car tonight I’m thinking. I call my best friend and ask if he’s got a room somewhere for me to sleep a few nights until I find something…anything!!! His parents are moving into a new house they bought in my area, but they haven’t moved yet, I can stay there for a few days.

December 19th, found a room for the 21st, and on the 21st I move in.

December 22nd, I think, “Hey…there’s this book…what have I got to lose now to start reading it?” And so I start to read it…

December 26th. The wife of the deceased owner where I work wants to sit down with me for a coffee. Great… Hopefully, some good news!!! Not really though… She is thanking me for my years of service, since she will be coming in the store to take over she no longer needs a manager…

2007 Recap: Left my wife, my house, all I had but my clothes and laptop, lost my job, refused for credit everywhere…I ask again…Loan refusal once again…Credit card limit increase refused once again…

Mans Life Changing Experience

End of December…What else do I have to do right now but read??? And THIS time, as I read, as I start to understand, as I start to realize that all that’s happened I chose, as I realize that I created my own destiny, I created my own life, this is not who I AM!!! This is who I WAS!!! I kept on focusing on events happening to me, on what I did not want, NOT on what I wanted!!! OOOH….2008 will be a FANTASTIC year!!!

January 25th. Today. 5 weeks after being alone, homeless, without a job, buried in debt, let me share with you what “The Secret” has done for me:

I went for a loan this month, a personal and commercial loan, and got accepted. I cleared most of my debt and launched my own business… I haven’t collected one cent from unemployment as my first contract (3 days of work) has given just about the same amount of money (profit) as I was making in a MONTH as a retail store manager. And this is just the beginning…”smiles”

Yesterday, I got a letter from the bank, thanking me for all these years of support and faithful payments, and my credit card limit has been automatically increased…to DOUBLE what it was.

Today, I live in a beautiful apartment, I am at peace, I am “feeling” great and I’ve fallen in love with the world, with others, and with myself… I’ve become me. The One I was supposed to be all along…

I now wake up in the morning, excited, relaxed, confident, joyful, and happy to be me! Can’t wait to see what wonders this day will bring!!!

And so I wish to thank you personally, you and your wonderful team, for bringing this “Secret” to the world. I am now part of it, sharing the truth, sharing the love, sharing this universe and… becoming One.

In 5 little weeks.

It ain’t a miracle…it’s a “law”…”smiles”

The Best is yet to come! And I promise (once again) to keep you updated.

A friend,


About Marc from Montreal:

A few sentences here would describe the “old” me…I prefer to tell you about the “new” me above…

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