How to Start Your Day Positively

When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile.

At whom?

No one; just smile, because just the fact that you woke up is amazing. So many millions of people who slept last night did not wake up today, but you woke up. Isn’t it great?

So smile. Then look around and if there is someone, smile at them.

For so many people, someone dear to them did not wake up today. Everyone who is dear to you woke up – wow! Appreciate it and smile. You may think this is ridiculous but you will know the reality of it when someone dear to you doesn’t wake up. Don’t wait till then to realize the value of it.

How to Start Your Day Positively

Learn to look at a few people lovingly. Ancient wisdom tells you that before you get up in the morning, you must rub your hands together and place your palms upon your eyes. The scientific reason being that there is a heavy concentration of nerve endings in your hands and if you rub your palms together, all the nerve endings are activated and the system awakens immediately. When you wake up in the morning and still feel sleepy and drowsy, just try and do this and see, everything comes awake.

Instantly, a whole range of nerves connected with your eyes and other aspects of your senses, awaken. Before you move your body, your body and brain should be active. You shouldn’t get up without thinking – that’s the idea.

Mornings are moments of awakening. It is time to go to the deeper, higher level because it raises the vibration of the soul, and leads to permanent changes in life.

Begin your day with gratitude and awareness of the gift of being in the moment. Coming out of bed, with each step, train your mind into an attitude of gratitude by affirming, “I am grateful for…” at least 20 times.

Free yourself from negativity by saying, “I release the need to learn through anger and pain. I choose to grow through loving experiences, relationships, and self-love.” This opens my heart chakra to openness and happiness. In the morning, develop a habit of surrounding yourself with loved ones. Nurture your relationships.

Lastly, connect with nature. These are ways to change your vibrations from negative to positive. For, when you face the day, you are giving positive vibrations to welcome wonderful things into your life.

Make this a everyday habit and let magic and miracles happen in your life. J

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