Becoming a Better Person With the Secret

I’m what you’d call a “late bloomer”. It took me until I was nearly twenty to understand the true meaning of friendship and to foster a significant romantic relationship. That said, once people began entering my life, I was very, very naive. I was selfish and mistreated people, sure that all I had to do was offer an apology for order to be restored. Until very recently, that had always worked. I’d behave incredibly selfishly and expect that everyone and everything would be okay after I said “I’m sorry”. I never took how deeply my words and actions affected other people all that seriously until I was forced to experience the sort of pain I inflicted on others firsthand.

Aside from my family who has always been nothing short of loving and supportive, my relationships were falling apart. Friends had begun to disappear, my significant other wanted to seek greener pastures, etc. Needless to say, I was completely devastated. Not having experienced pain of this magnitude before, I was riddled with guilt and obsessing over every hurtful act I’d ever committed from childhood to the present. I knew what I had done to deserve this, and I knew that there had to be a way out, but other than waiting, hurting, and hoping that the wounds would heal quickly, I had no idea what I could do to make this transition easier.

Better Person With the Secret

Soon after I realized that life as I had known it NEEDED to change, my mother and I walked into a nearby Barnes & Noble. She made a beeline straight for the bestsellers shelf and picked up two copies of ‘The Secret’. I thought the cover was pretty, but I wasn’t particularly curious until after we had gotten home. I had no idea what ‘The Secret’ was or what it was about. After we’d returned home, my mother handed me one of the copies she’d purchased and told me to read it. Ever since then I’ve been living my life differently. I’m grateful for everything that I have, and even everything that I don’t have. I see the goodness in other people and am far less critical. I’ve come to recognize my own talents and have finally figured out what I want out of life both personally and professionally.

I’m happy for every single day that I live and everything I am privileged to experience. In general, I’m just a more appreciative, loving person and I recognize my own strength and blessings. I’ve drawn so much good to me and what’s more, I think that I’m beginning to give without concentrating on how much I can take in return. ‘The Secret’ was the catalyst for a turn for the better in every single area of my life. My faith is stronger, my relationships are stronger (my ex and I are even friends), I am happy.

Thanks to all involved with ‘The Secret’ for helping me to help myself to become a better person.

About Meg from Texas:

I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Film. I have an amazing family and wonderful friends. In a nutshell, I’m a very lucky girl.

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