How to Receive By Giving (By Helping Others)

I’ve read The Secret twice. The principles I was aware of, and I have always been a subscriber to positive thinking. The Secret takes this a step further by making me remember to remember to be Purposefully Positive.

I bought the CD’s and listen to them in my car every day. My first run through on the money section, I was listening to the chapter on giving money as a sign of faith that I live in abundance. I knew this, but I had forgotten so I decided to “test” it – with intention. But how? Who should I give money to? A company email came out that same day I asked the question, letting us know that anyone who donated $2.00 could wear jeans to work on Friday and all of the money would go to a local children’s charity.

I usually ignored these request because I am in sales and can’t wear jeans – I couldn’t participate and usually hit delete. But I accepted this as the answer to my question and wrote out a $100 check and donated to the office effort. 10 hours later I closed the largest sale I’ve ever had in the company. That $100 will be returned to me 1,000 times over during the next few months. The bonus to this is we had corporate reps in town and not only did they witness this sale, which was also the biggest one time sale by our division – the head of all of our branches nationwide was in St. Louis and they were having dinner with her that same night. They were so excited over what I had accomplished they couldn’t wait to share the news with her directly.

Receive By Giving

My husband – a skeptic – is coming around to The Secret and we are now running the CD’s at night and falling asleep to the words so they can be embedded in our subconscious mind. I expect mastering The Secret to be as natural to my day as breathing.

As a final note – I advise you to love the rain. A few days before this all happened I began a mantra of enthusiasm that “money flows to me like water”. Later that day and for the next few days, we got rain after a dry spell (my husband is self-employed and we need the rain). I was driving when it started and just laughed because “money flows to me like water” and the more excited I got the harder it rained. Every raindrop is a dollar and they were all coming to me faster than I could count. It was the most fun I’ve ever had driving in a torrential rain pour, and the best part is I believe it and you should too. There really is enough for all of us to live in abundance and I hope you are blessed and inspired to claim all you could hope for and more from our friendly and generous universe.

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