Motivational Video: Fear Failure And Success

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm” – African Proverb

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FEAR FAILURE AND SUCCESS ft. Greg Plitt & Les Brown [Motivational Video]

Fear Failure And Success
0:12success guys a very very lonely road man
0:15very few people willing to end juror pain sacrificed
0:20diligence to be successful uphill battle
0:23along that road not gonna see too many friends
0:26use your shadow most often you get ross the heart of hearts
0:31inside whatcha doing what you believe is a worthy cause a winnable fight
0:39the journeys that he’s before you start their journey
0:43mentally must you yourself the right reasons
0:46the right fuel staying in tired churn everyone’s hot start
0:50better market so until a couple weeks until with the wear and tear on the
0:54cries arts
0:55the Hitachi start losing focus on the horizon the knots the car away the daily
0:59the cops the ups and downs the wear and tear he focuses people to the daily
1:03activities loose inside the true purpose
1:06when you saw the purpose you get too much valuable
1:09penis today
1:14what you find out you what because what it is
1:17in combined the mine and the bond together that’s when life gets exciting
1:22stories inspiration with first overcome the odds when you get into a tight spot
1:28and everything goes against you until it seems that you cannot hold on for a
1:33minute longer
1:33never give up then but that is just took place
1:37and time that but hide your term Northfield the
1:45d this makes you strong
1:49excuse me
1:53help you fourth plus
1:55like long impossible
1:58them most people
2:08before you embark on this journey
2:10mental camp herself
2:13what’s going on
2:15you want this journey you must know States wanna go down for comes on when
2:20it comes up
2:20single so much higher than you’ve ever had
2:23Saccharomyces today for tomorrow betterment
2:29right mister here when I don’t have home
2:32from home
2:34had a long time follow
2:36now right home home cool afternoon
2:41give it all you have if you look at the sheetrock I
2:45they’ll is ten times more per man the source said what if because what it
2:49never went to the region
2:59no I’ll
3:04the last one you can’t do that you have a college education
3:09this brown
3:11you can’t do that who you know you couldn’t this from
3:15you can’t do that you feel twice in school than we thought about something
3:20you wanted to do it and you talk itself
3:22outta that there’s a proper this says if there’s no enemy within
3:26with the enemy outside can do is going on
3:34you face your fears you become the person you want to be you want me to
3:38with your life would not again the freedom
3:48see a lot of people on here
3:50stop them living that dream
3:53answer your call
3:54ever your call to do don’t count yourself out don’t say I can’t do that
4:00many of us go to lie saying no you don’t even know what you’re saying no to
4:04you don’t know what you cannot if you’re not willing to challenge yourself
4:08whatever it is that you don’t know how to do right now you can learn
4:16the sure
4:20rules Tom
4:22sadie is its past it’s possible
4:34great news is not this
4:38wonderful Russell Terrier it would seem
4:41I’ll god-like feature that
4:44on the special among us are
4:48will ever takes you know it’s something that truly exists
4:52and polymers from Sam
4:56this is what I believed and
4:59I’m willing to die
5:05this kid
5:07could speak
5:08everyone else is pure group pic no good he couldn’t speak 87
5:13and was reading and talking he can’t believe is slowing down so much to
5:17charge handsome as a
5:18do the kids gotta go mad this is slow
5:21is not created any slowing down the betterment the entire class guy Cal
5:25casper on homosexuality done deals Charles too bad
5:29the plum the work got fired have seen the job ever try
5:32all this guy knows up to 21 years old is
5:36failure he’s never taste success his get to keep trying feels good to keep trying
5:42no until one day he find out what he wants
5:45what inspires a huge everything he had
5:49they entail and he burn the midnight oil
5:53so we didn’t have to stay awake the night hours wondering what
5:57sky tried something 1,093 times
6:01before successful 1,093 times
6:06when the hell have you ever tried some 110 times with all the talk sais this
6:11and why that was what he wanted how’s it nourished failure everything krs-one
6:15swept failed
6:16no one thousand times the demands never on day and always fail
6:20I keep on going to the bench gets more and and quicker
6:23that know your me more more successful closer closer closer
6:26Obama like palm what Thomas S
6:30tell you don’t mess our life no we’re not thousand
6:34mark could speak at four
6:38sprint class to read a 72-hole gmail challenged
6:46remember that being the person overcame the odds USA personally but using your
6:50own battle one day
6:52when you hit rock bottom and you feel like the walls and what’s on your back
6:55Murphy’s take you down every single step when using its bridges
6:59that one more step more that makes all of the difference
7:06we all fall down in life comes the question is who gets back on
7:11against other potential
7:12the individuals on the genetics it’s a possibly arts
7:16the never-say-die attitude
7:21ask all cards
7:23now that’s the stuff leaders should be made
7:30if you consciously keep prevention against the wall
7:33eventually something will stick
7:36ever given what she wants
7:39find out she long
7:41combine at with the sale male diet visual nutrition
7:45this with Diana community with good exercise the body
7:49believe comments put them together
7:53the wanna try with stop
8:01text but you got a takedown big got out keep on going again and again and again
8:06tell you make it happen because you know
8:10that it’s possible
8:15which not only save money do anything to mom
8:20from you
8:22at home guarantees you gonna show up tomorrow
8:26a lot of people here yesterday but they’re not here today
8:29the more opportunities lol wow
8:31yesterday they’re not here today
8:37find out what it is you want
8:39and cooperative if your life depends on it why
8:42because it does

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