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Positive Thinking Is A Magnet For Success

 Most people have heard of Norman Vincent Peale’s famous book “The Power of Positive Thinking.” The influence of this book and others of a similar ilk has been significant and thousands of people have applied the principles of positive thinking to achieve personal success. How important is positive thinking to the achievement of success? More […] Continue reading →

The True Secret of the Law of Attraction

 Why does it seem that some people use the law of attraction to attract wealth into their lives without even realizing what they are doing, while others don’t seem to have any success using it no matter how hard they try? The answer is maybe the most important secret of the law of attraction. You […] Continue reading →

Coincidence and the Law of Attraction

 The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that the predominating thoughts we hold in our minds (good or bad) ultimately manifest in our lives. If we constantly focus on failure and lack, we receive failure and lack in our lives and if we focus on success and good luck, the universe lines […] Continue reading →