The True Secret of the Law of Attraction

The secret to Law of Attraction

Why does it seem that some people use the law of attraction to attract wealth into their lives without even realizing what they are doing, while others don’t seem to have any success using it no matter how hard they try? The answer is maybe the most important secret of the law of attraction.

You don’t have to be consciously aware of the secret of the law of attraction to use it. The law of attraction does not care about your intentions. It always works, and it doesn’t stop to check if you are attracting on purpose or accidentally.

The important thing to remember is that we are all attracting at all times. The key question is never are we attracting, but rather what are we attracting. These people that use the law of attraction so successfully without even knowing what they are doing have all understood the secret of the law of attraction; feeling good. You cannot attract good things to you without being in vibrational harmony with good. This is why people who are positive and feel good tend to attract positive and good things to them.

I used to always think “Of course she is happy; she has everything she could possibly want in life,” when I met these positive successful people. Now I realize that it works the other way, and I remind myself of it thinking “She has everything she could possibly want in life because she’s happy.”

The secret of the law of attraction doesn’t so much lie in what you do; it lies in how you feel. When we first start using attraction, we tend to try to control our thoughts and sit down to focus on images of what we want. This is all well and good, but if we spend five minutes a day “attracting” in front of our vision board, and the rest of the day doing exactly what we have always done, what do you think you are attracting?

Using a vision board and taking time to meditate on what you want is important, but it’s not enough on its own. We need to take the vision board image with us into the rest of our daily life. We need to change our habits that are not good for us with habits that make us feel good.

In order to be successful in attracting wealth, we need to apply the true secret of the law of attraction and work on how we feel. It may be a challenge at first, but it is absolutely possible to change your attitude from positive to negative.

Seeing problems rather than solutions is just a habit. Feeling happy and relaxed is always just as easily within your reach as feeling stressed and upset. Apply this practice, and you are unveiling the true secret of the law of attraction.

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