Law of Attraction Student Types – Which One of the Three Are You?


Most students of the Law of Attraction will go through many rotations and even more alterations of their methodologies and inner-climate before realizing how to dependably apply the power of their minds.
Initially, when we hear about conscious creation, we experience both an apprehensive hopefulness and a sincere eagerness to hear more;

we feel this overwhelming sense that we just KNEW this was true all along. This ‘can it really be true?’ information confirms something we’ve known all of our lives and yet weren’t able to articulate. When we did, share our dreams or our inner knowing that all things are possible, we were shot down, told to be realistic, that we were just pipe-dreaming, or worse that we were stupid and would never see those dreams fulfilled.

These contradictory messages coming from both fearful bystanders and well-meaning friends and family alike set up a systemic response to doubt our unlimited nature. Unfortunately, this response lives on within most of us. Long after their words have been filed away in the bottomless darkness of our mental lockbox.

When we find ourselves ‘practicing the law of attraction’ and simultaneously judging ourselves as ‘not getting it right because it’s taking too long’, then we have just diagnosed a more significant crisis.

The critic within us literally becomes the enemy of our positive intentions.
Law of Attraction Student
The act of judging our ‘goal’ as taking too long literally sets up a vibration to push away the very thing we want. This goes for any self-criticism. For the purposes of this article, let’s look at criticism in relationship to our thoughts about the law of attraction. Do you ever think any of these (or something similar) thoughts?

– This law of attraction stuff doesn’t work.
– How long do I have to wait?
– Maybe I’m not doing it right or I’m just not good enough?
– Maybe I’m not supposed to have my dreams fulfilled.
– I can’t wait to have what I want; my life just stinks right now.
– This is taking too long.
– This isn’t what I wanted! This isn’t at all what I was trying to create!
– I’m doing everything I’ve been told to do to manifest what I want – why isn’t it working?

If you experience any of the above, then in those moments you are vibrationally out-of-alignment with the object of your desires.

However, most new conscious creation students will do the following (which doesn’t work):

First, they create powerful images, visions, affirmations and thoughts about what they want. They may even go so far as to create a treasure map or a rain dance! They feel a great sense of hopefulness and they start looking around for their manifestation.

Then, instead of appreciating the time they have to prepare for their bounty and acknowledging the Divine Order and Divine Timing, they judge the time as ‘too long’.

And, instead of appreciating the signs-of-land and doorways of opportunity that land in their path (and they always will), they judge these as ‘not good enough’, ‘not what I wanted’, and/or not a part of their Divine Path in some way.

What must happen is the eradication of all the self-doubt. And, there’s really no other kind of doubt.

We may think that we doubt the ‘law of attraction’ but we’re really only doubting our personally ability to manifest and utilize the universal laws.

When we judge what’s happening as ‘not good enough’, what we are really saying is “I’m not good enough to get what I want”.

Now, here comes the tricky part: I’m not saying DON’T self-reflect – this is critical and important. You MUST listen to what’s going on in your mind and heart in order to become a master conscious creator!

There are three ways students of the law of attraction deal with their limiting thoughts.

The first is what many ‘quick-fix’ students will do. They realize that their skeptical friends were right all along and this whole ‘Secret’ thing is just a big new-age cult! They feel somewhat ashamed for being so ‘naive’ and dismiss it all together. They go back to the way they’ve always been (what’s comfortable), and in seeking retribution for getting their hopes up – they begin to oppose us ‘woo-woo peddlers’ as snake-oil salesmen that need to be exposed and maybe in a fair and just world, tortured!

The next, is what part-time students do most often. They realize that their negative thoughts are preventing them from getting what they want. They deduce that if they just ignore those thoughts, then it would only make sense that their desires would manifest. After all, if we ignore them, they must be gone, right?!?

The good news is – they will find that little manifestations like parking spaces, butterflies, the appearance of their favorite number, and other signs and desires will manifest. These are the intentions that they’ve set forth and detached from. There’s a great deal of excitement when these things come about because we realize we must be doing something right. Unfortunately, for most of these students, the really big dreams – the relationship, the fulfilling career, the total health, and the financial prosperity, will continue to either elude them altogether, or drop-by-drop, in ultra-slow motion manifest but seldom as we expected.

The third law of attraction student: These are usually those who have come from a deeper connection to the Universal Spiritual Truths.

Often, these students come from other disciplines such as Unity, Religious Science, Transcendental Meditation, A Course in Miracles, etc. and know that the power of our minds and our ability to direct our external experiences will always be dependent upon our internal

Our external reality is always a reflection of our inner reality. Thus, by expanding and embracing the Presence of God within, we make sacred our internal climate. This sacred space is vibrationally aligned with every dream we envision.

These students realize and seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within. They act intentionally to direct their overall sense of courage, confidence, openness, willingness, faith, acceptance, love, reason, gratitude and bliss. They seek these feelings and mental states first.

By seeking first the consciousness equivalent of that which you desire, you become at peace with the Divine Order and Divine Timing.

Thus, not only will you no longer worry about ‘when is it going to show up’ but you’ll also find that you’ll say over and over again, “WOW! Things sure are manifesting fast these days!”

In fact, that’s the first order of business. Start saying, “Wow!! Everything I desire is really manifesting fast these days!”

Happy Manifesting!!

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