Success Story: Visa Approved With the Help of the Law of Attraction

In today’s story the author describes how the author got his USA Visa with the help of the law of attraction.

Hi! I am a guy who studies at the most prestigious university in my country! Now I want to start my story!

It happened in 2015 when I was first year student at my university. Before I entered the university I had heard about a program that involves Summer work and travel and gives an opportunity for full time students to work and travel in the USA. I applied for this program in the agency.

Suddenly, the guy who works in the agency said that I can’t get visa because of three reasons. I was a first year student, I had a rejection from F1 visa before and my brother was there in the USA for a long time, which was an obstacle to getting the visa. I kind of lost my belief after that. I had thought about it for long time. And suddenly I remembered the pilot’s situation in The Secret movie. And belief appeared in inside of me! I started to visualize and believe and I felt as if I had already gotten the visa!

Even though I believed, every time I went to the agency, the guy at the agency would repeat the same things to me and try to discourage me, because if I got the visa it would be bad for their reputation. But after that, I felt even more faith each time he tried to discourage me. Any time I would start to feel any discouragement coming on, I would remember the pilot’s situation in the movie. I would tell myself why would I not make it? If that pilot could manifest and compared to my situation, it would be a drop in the bucket! I told this to myself all the time.

Time passed and it came to interview day. I had an interview with a council officer. I was nervous but my brain was working well and I answered all the questions completely. And guess what?!!! He said my visa has been approved!!!! I was very happy when I heard that! Of course I almost did not believe it at first. It was very unbelievable!!! I was so proud! I am sorry for grammatical mistakes. I just can’t express with words this happiness from my inside!!!

Thank your for The Secret team and thank you to Rhonda Byrne for the book and everything! You guys helped not only me but the whole world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Always believe because everything is possible!


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