Success Story: Manifested a Computer Table for Half the Price

The law of attraction can be applied to manifest smallest of the things in the best possible way. Today’s story shows how if you have faith you can manifest the ideal computer table that you wish for at half the price.

Thank you to The Secret and The Secret team! I had read The Secret about 3 years ago but I never used it in my life until just recently.

Exactly a week ago I decided to apply The Secret and the law of attraction in my life. For the last 1 to 2 months I had been thinking about having a separate computer table in my study room but I did not want to spent too much money for that to happen. Good quality and featured furniture tables are priced at Re 5000 more or less. I knew what I liked and I had been searched for it on the internet.

So last Sunday I visualized about having the table in a week. Today in the afternoon, I saw an advertisement from a person nearby my home who was willing to sell his computer table and he published a photo of it. So I called him and the deal was done for half the price of the new table! The computer table that I got is good quality and nearly new, it was never even used by the ex-owner. The table is spacious and it has an extra shelf and is excellent, it is just as I had imagined and even cheaper than I imagined.

So my conclusion is that we can achieve anything by practicing The Secret with faith and belief, along with taking the right actions when needed.

Thank you to The Secret team and all The Secret followers.

Author: Nitin from Navi Mumbai.
About the Author: I am a computer networking engineer, workaholic person and positive about the future.

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