Success Story: Becoming an Entrepreneur With the Law of Attraction

This story, narrates how the author quit his job and became a successful entrepreneur.

First of all, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart God, Rhonda Byrne, The Secret Team and everyone who keeps on sharing their stories here that keeps my positivity up.

I am a wide reader. Any reading material you give me I will read it from cover to cover. I love spending my entire day at a famous bookstore here in the Philippines and read for 6-8 hours. I even finish some of the books there! I already saw The Secret many times under the section “New Age” but it was sealed so I wasn’t able to browse. I have been using The Secret even before knowing The Secret! I remembered when I was a child I kept making a PlayStation from cardboard and in just a month my mom got both us a PlayStation One. Last year I attended a seminar on LOA and we watched The Secret. I was really skeptical and forgot about the film after the seminar.

Last year I made a bold move, resigning from my job to pursue entrepreneurship. The business was doing so great from 50 clients we doubled it in just a month because of the system me and my sister have implemented, as well as the promos we offered. After 3 months we had grown from just 3 employees to 7 and all are dedicated in beating the deadlines. When everything is stable I am planning on pursuing a career as a Financial Advisor because I graduated Financial Management and it is my aim to teach financial literacy to my fellow Filipinos. But things became rough as the customers grew. We weren’t able to handle all their demands because of lack of capital for additional machines and manpower. We ran out of cash and all of my savings and investments were pulled out for our personal expenses.

Last January both of my grandparents passed away because of stroke and old age. My grandmother left us January 11 and my grandfather followed her on January 27. It was really tough for the family but it was also a chance for us to reconnect and forgive for past mistakes. Before my grandmother passed away I confessed to her that I was undergoing a quarter-life financial crisis. I don’t know what I wanted to really do, every day was a sacrifice to wake up and I had received a lot of criticism for not pursuing my profession. She gave me the book “The Purpose Driven Life” and I faithfully followed the 40 Days of Transformation but she passed away on the 5th day of the practice. I continued after my grandfather passed away. I finished the book and totally transformed. I have found my purpose. I also read “The Success Principles” and the author, Jack Canfield, kept saying to read The Secret.

So I visited this website and started to read The Secret stories. I was amazed and sometimes wished that I too could post my story here. My hunger for knowledge for The Secret grew every day and I even watched the film again and again on YouTube. But the book The Secret is not available here in our province so I asked my sister to find the book for me. She found The Magic and bought it and sent it to me. I’m on my 21st day of The Magic and it really transformed me from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset. Now I keep on thanking everything from the comfortable bed to the butterflies in our garden which I have attracted as a test of LOA. Now every day on our porch, while doing The Magic practice, butterflies keep on coming in our garden when before no butterfly was ever to be found.

As of this moment I got news from my mom that she sent us P3,500 and she will buy The Secret book today as she will be in a business meeting. Before that call I had listed in my “Magnificent Outcomes” that her business meetings will be a success. I will also be able to buy “The Secret Daily Teachings” here in the province as the book is available in another branch of the bookstore. I was so amazed and just keep on saying thank you. Now my mom is closing a huge business deal that will give her P500,000 which I knew would be a success. And today she will receive the check which is more than enough to pay for our rent, my ticket going to Singapore for a 10-day tour, the monthly car payment and we some to our church and chosen charity foundation. I will be in Singapore this May, made possible through mom’s commission. I’m pretty sure that I will be accepted in the job where my papers are now being reviewed because I’m using all the teachings about LOA.

Thank you for reading my story and Magic Dust to all! I will give another story after my 10-day trip to Singapore.

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