Success Story: Getting a Dream Job With LOA

Today’s story speaks about how the author used the law of attraction to attract the dream job that she always wanted. When you blindly believe in your dream and have complete faith in it, the Universe works it’s way to make it happen for you. I hope this LOA success story helps everyone to get their dream job.

After I graduated, I got stuck in a job that I did not like. The reason I had taken it was to start somewhere, but for 2.5 years I got stuck in it. One day I made up my mind and quit my job because I believed that something amazing was waiting for me. Without another offer in hand, I resigned from my job! I have always believed in miracles and this was the time I had just gotten introduced to The Secret. I thought to myself that this job is holding me back from getting the job I really want.

After resigning, the CEO called me and offered me the job I had always dreamt of! The 2 incumbents of the role had quit so the job was vacant. I got hold of the opportunity and now, after 2 years, I cannot be happier! I love my job and I am passionate about going to work every day. The excitement of having the job I always wanted will never fade away!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe. Thank you to Rhonda and her team. Thank you to my friend and my sister, who introduced me to The Secret. I am eternally grateful to all the amazing people who have shared their stories here. Your stories inspire me. Always believe that something amazing is about to happen and it will.

Author: Susie from India


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