Success Story: Getting Job in Home Town With the Law of Attraction

Getting to know the Secret and the Law of Attraction is in itself a chance from the Universe to change your life around. Once you start having faith in the power of the law of attraction you can achieve impossible goals. In today’s story you will see how the author changed her life completely even after going through a break-up.

My story is going back to 2015 after recouping from the ending of a relationship with a bad boyfriend who was control freak, had trust issues and was abusive. I was feeling very low and depressed. I had started losing my confidence and I also lost my job because of my ex-boyfriend’s bad behavior at my workplace. My family was also against me for giving that person so much liberty in my life.

Then in 2015 end I read The Secret, then The Power and then The Magic. I believed in the books and the concepts as they made complete sense to me. I asked the Universe to give me back my confidence and a suitable job. I am a Hotel Trainer. I asked the Universe for good relationships with my family, my mom and dad. I believed that I would get what I asked for and I started daily visualizations and doing a gratitude practice.

Within few months I got my dream job as a Hotel Trainer in my home town, Gurgaon. I stay with my parents and our relationship is now very loving and healthy. I am back to being the strong, independent girl that I was earlier. I drive my own sedan. I travel with my friends to great destinations and I spend time and eat out with my parents. Life is a joy ride after being negative and full of stress, to where I am now, blissfully blessed. I am my fit, healthy, confident self like I was earlier. I keep winning contests and I am so thankful to Rhonda and The Secret team. You uplift the world! I have come a long way all because of you all.

Author: Jyotsna from Gurgaon , India.
About the Author: A lovely, social, live-wire girl, her story about back to glory.

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