Success Story: Getting a Better Job Profile in the Same Company With LOA

In today’s success story the author describes how she got a better job profile with the help of the Secret and the Law of Attraction.

I was at a low point in my life where I felt quite down and depressed about my life, my relationship and my career path. So I decided to read The Secret. A few days later I was sent an email from the head office of my company where I worked as a receptionist. It was regarding job vacancies. On the list was a job for Master Data at the same location I was already based at. I applied for it randomly one day under the thought of “What have I got to lose?”.

I then made a dream board with all the things I wanted to attract into my life, the name of the company was on one of those pictures. I started practicing gratitude every day. I would write down in my notepad every morning before work, what I was grateful for in my life. Every day I would write how excited I was to get my new job. Every day I would imagine going into work and walking past the reception desk and round the corner where the Master Data team sat. I started setting my alarm an hour earlier to start getting me ready for the earlier starts as if I was to get the job. I was pretending I had already gotten the job before I even got it, and that all by itself changed my mood.

I was asked to go for a second interview. Before I went for this I sat down and practiced some of the things I would be doing if I got the job. I even started sitting with team members watching what they did on their computers so when I got the job I wasn’t walking into it blind. I had never worked for a company doing a job so important. All I had ever done was the typical hairdressing job.

My second interview went really well and when I went in to work the next day I was told I had been given the job! I was ecstatic! I had imagined this day for the last 6 to 7 weeks and it was finally happening!

After I realized it was because of The Secret and the way I had learned to think differently, I then bought the law of attraction for kids for my eight-year-old daughter. I swear by the law of attraction now and I am always trying to spread the word because life should not be unhappy or stressful. Life is what you make it

Thank you for introducing me to The Secret!

I am eternally grateful xxx

Author: Levi from Manchester.
About the author: I am a worrier and get very anxious at times but I am a kind, considerate, caring person with a big heart.

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