Success Story: Testing the Law of Attraction With Small Things

In today’s story the author wants to test the law of attraction and so asks for something which is very random. Read her story to find out more.

I’ve been a student of The Secret on and off for a couple of years, since my husband asked for a divorce. At first I was in denial, but now I can see that it’s best for both of us to separate. The Secret has helped me through these stressful times, although I’m not always very good at keeping the negative thoughts at bay!

Last Friday, feeling a bit vulnerable and reading all the inspiring stories on here, I decided to ask the Universe for something. Something small to start with, so I asked for a Goldfinch. My office has quite a nice view with lots of birds outside, and I thought that a little Goldfinch would brighten my day.

Friday came and went, no goldfinches. I was disappointed. I forgot all about my goldfinch until last night when I returned home from work. I was reversing into the drive when, lo and behold, a little Goldfinch landed on the ground just in front of my car. He stayed there for quite a while, as if saying hello, then another Goldfinch landed next to him. I immediately remembered my order to the Universe, and gave thanks for being given double what I asked for, two Goldfinches, not just one!

So now I have my vision board, setting out my future for me. I keep it at the head of my bed and look at it every day. Thank you Universe. I know that my future is bright, happy, and secure, because I have asked for it and the Universe will deliver! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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