Success Story: Got a Brand New Car with The Law of Attraction

Five years ago when I bought my 2004 Hyundai Elantra I decided that my next car was going to be brand new! I loved my 2004 car! It was reliable, my payments were manageable and for a small car I could carry a lot of things. I loved it! And I made sure I appreciated it every day!

My brother needed a car when he started college and I had the idea of getting a new car and he could have my 2004. This was in November 2014. I wanted a brand new Elantra and I only wanted to pay $20 more than I was paying now for my car. I wrote in my journal how grateful I was for my old car and how thankful I was for my brand new car.

Things started to fall in place. A friend randomly started telling me how he leases a car and the payments are lower than buying. I don’t drive long distances so that worked for me! Then my Grandpa had left open the paper on an advertisement for a local car dealership. I couldn’t believe my eyes! They had 5 brand new Elantra’s leasing for $159 a month! Whoa!

I called and asked if there was a catch. Like if I had to make a huge down payment to get the car. Nope! No catch! But only two of the cars were left. My brother and I went to the dealership to test drive the car and I was in love! It drove so smooth and had Sirius Radio! And it was the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen on a car!

I was getting ready to sign the paperwork and they asked me what my old car was and I told them a 2004 Elantra. The man paused a moment and said “Hold on a moment” and typed on his keyboard and said “Okay! Hyundai has a loyalty program. Your payments are only $144.98 a month!!!!”

That is only $19.98 more then I was paying for my old car!

In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction works! And I am so grateful every day that it was brought into my life! Ask and it is given!

Author: Cassie from Montour Falls, NY
About the Author: I’m a massage therapist and I own my own practice. I have an awesome boyfriend and our relationship just keeps getting better and better!


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