Success Story: Getting a Job With a Desired Pay or Salary

In today’s success story, the author narrates how she got a job within  a week with the exact pay she had desired.

I came upon The Secret years back and have applied it in various areas of my life with wonderful results, although I had problems with consistency. This year I have had pretty much more dips than highs and although I knew I had to get my feelings and thoughts in alignment, I had a tough time staying on course.

I got fired, left jobs and I was at a low point in my life. I realized all this was due to my lacking mentality when I had enough. I used to think I didn’t have enough although my bank balance showed sufficient amounts to spend for weeks! This later showed up in my life this year and I was determined to change it.

I read stories from here and always tried to keep myself upbeat. I went to pray very often, 3 times a week and exercised. I was applying for jobs to no avail. I knew I was still doing something wrong. I wrote down on a piece of paper that I wanted to have a job with $2,000 pay, wonderful colleagues and environment and placed it under my pillow. A month after writing I attended one of several interviews last week and today I got a call! I was offered the job and the pay is $2145. My jaw dropped!

I thanked the Universe and the gods I prayed to! I realized as long as you stay steady, have faith and pass on the good to someone else, I will always be in good hands and taken care of by the infinite intelligence!

Author: Hema from Singapore.
About the Author: 24 year old getting better and better at applying the Law of Attraction in every area of my life!

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