Success Story: Switching to a Amazing Life with Law of Attraction

Today’s story will show you that you can start following the Secret and change your life for good. No matter where your life is headed right now, with a few changes in your day to day activities you can l;ead a magical Life.

The first time I watched The Secret was in 2007. I was having a nervous breakdown. My daughter brought me the video which she had borrowed from a friend, hoping it would help me. For weeks I didn’t get out of bed except for necessities. I just watched The Secret over and over, restarting it as soon as it was done.

Over the next few years I watched it regularly, wearing out 2 copies. I tried to put it into practice but it seemed I never got happier. My mother had died, my dad disappeared, my business collapsed and I was unemployed. My children had moved out, my relationship had dissolved, I had lost my home and I was living on the street. A few years later, my daughter gave me a copy of the book, The Magic.

In 2012 I moved to another state and began my Bachelor’s degree, still essentially homeless. Going through a box of books I found The Magic which I had yet to read. So at that moment I decided to read it and do all the exercises. As I worked through it I began to feel happier and my external life began to change.

One day I was again looking through a box of books and found one of my “Goals and Visualizations” journals from 4 years earlier. As I read my goals, I realized that although I had not achieved everything, I was living in a place that was closer to my dream than I had even remotely achieved before. I continued to exercise deliberate gratitude and my life continued to move forward in positive ways.

I have just recently moved again, and while unpacking I found a copy of The Secret which I have just watched again for the first time in probably 4 years. Now, instead of being mystified about how I could make it work for me, I was saying, “Yes, that’s right! That’s exactly how it works!”

I am happily married to my perfect partner. I rent a beautiful home on a beautiful farm in a beautiful state. All the negative people in my life have been left behind. I am surrounded by loving, supportive people and so much abundance. My spouse and I have our eye on a piece of property which is completely within our means to purchase. It is where we will build our dream of a sustainable farm and intentional community. I am truly happy. From now on, any challenges we face will be challenges we have planned for ourselves and will relish surmounting. The Secret and The Magic work if you work them. One last interesting note: my daughter has no memory what so ever of loaning me The Secret or buying me The Magic.

Author: Marcia W. from the US.
About the Author: Childhood abuse, neglect and starvation affected my view of the world and what was possible for me to achieve.

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