Success Story: Amazing, What Belief Can Do

Today’s story is really inspiring and it will help you in believing in the law of attraction even more.

This is my second story that I’m writing for this website, and it’s still just as wonderful as the first.
This year I found out one of the scariest, and joyous things of my life; I was going to be a mom. The thought terrified me. My husband and I live alone with no family for miles and miles up here in the north of the country. Everything up here is expensive. How could we afford to have a baby? How could we afford child care? What were we going to do?

And then I remembered The Secret. The Secret was introduced to me back in 2011 when my now husband, then boyfriend, and I were having a hard time. We were in a seemingly hopeless long distance relationship, and my then boss and closest friend lent me her book and told me to have faith, it would all work out of the best. And clearly, as you can see now, it did!

The Secret had always worked for me in the past, it always delivered the most positive, and helpful result. I was going to trust our unknown future to the LOA. I then started being clear on what I wanted.

I hated my job. I felt very unfulfilled every day and felt like I worked in a perpetual, never-ending, high school. It made me realize that I wanted to stay home. I wanted to be a stay at home mom where my work would really count for something. Income for my husband is very uncertain so I didn’t want to bring it up to him, I just had faith it would happen.

Over the next 9 months, amazing things happened. My husband got promoted and his income doubled. For the time being, I got a raise at work as well that helped me save up for the future. My husband brought up my staying home to cut costs. Not to mention, he felt more comfortable knowing our son was going to be raised by me and not some stranger. My health insurance covered all of my doctors visits and my delivery for free due to previous health conditions that made me exceed my out of pocket spending limit.

Fast forward to now. We gave birth to a beautiful, perfect, baby boy, and I get to stay home and raise our son. My husband’s income keeps climbing. I discovered my love for photography again and have started back up as a freelance photographer and get to do something I love without leaving my home. I was worried about my postpartum body, and one of my family members just started working for “It Works” and sent me a bunch of free trials that got me back into shape, fast!

So many great, and wonderful things have happened, and we are happier than ever! I am confident that once you trust in The Secret entirely, and just know that everything will work out, you’ll be surprised by the results! Now it’s time to buy a house people only dream about! I know that experience will be story number 3! Thank you Rhonda for all you’ve done for us!

Author: Evan.
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