Get An Ideal Girlfriend With The Law of Attraction

I have always been positive in some aspects of my life and I was using The Secret without knowing that I was. This was way before I even read The Secret.

Over a year ago I was in a horrible, manipulating, abusive relationship. I was with this person for almost 4 years. I didn’t see a way out of that relationship. I felt that every time I tried to leave she would make it impossible to leave her. I prayed and prayed and I imagined my life without her and then one day we finally broke up, she moved out and I haven’t seen her since. I was finally free!

I had a history of bad luck with relationships, I would jump from one to another. I always found myself dating women that were a little older than me, thinking they would be more mature. But they always were so dependent on me financially, emotionally and in every area including doing household duties like cleaning and cooking. I was so tired of this cycle of women who were not right for me. I was never truly in love with anyone because deep down inside I knew I deserved better.

After my ex and I broke up, I went on a dating site called POF and I dated here and there but never felt any connection with anyone. I always felt something missing. I didn’t want to settle. I met a friend on there who showed me The Secret and I bought the book and read it. I then realized that I had been attracting all these bad relationships and all the positive stuff in my life was being attracted by my positivity in life. I knew I had to change the way I think especially about relationships.

Before The Secret I would always tell my friends that I couldn’t ever find any good women. They are always so dependent on me and I was always the one paying for everything, cooking, cleaning, taking care of their kids, washing clothes, etc.

Get An Ideal Girlfriend With The Law of Attraction

I started working out every day which was something that I couldn’t do being with my manipulative ex who wanted me attached to her hip every day. I also pictured myself sober. Over the years and bad relationships, I had become a binge drinker and relied on alcohol for everything. I made a list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner. I started my own gratitude journal and also a vision board.

I changed my POF account from “looking to date” to just “friends to work out with”. I made a few friends and then one day I decided to delete my account because I was so happy just being alone, when this woman sends me an email but she had no picture. She told me she was new to POF and that is why she didn’t have a picture up. I was going to ignore her email and when I logged back on to delete my account I saw she put a picture up. She was also into fitness and health and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to reply and make new workout buddies.

It turned out she had every single quality I had written down! She is beautiful, no kids, sexy, educated, a hard worker and affectionate. She can cook, clean and she is selfless. She is always thinking about me and gets me unexpected gifts. Not that that is important, but in my past relationships I was always the one opening my wallet for everything and now it is equal. I truly feel she is my soulmate and she feels the same. We have even gotten deja vu on many occasions and I always know what she is about to say.

I stopped drinking as of July 2014. I met my soulmate. I am in the best shape of my life and I am about to get a promotion at work. My credit is also improving tremendously which is something I am so thankful for because I want to buy a house with my girlfriend.

The Secret truly works and it is true that if you are grateful you shall receive!

Thank you for this amazing book!

Just a side note to show how much it works:

My rear driver side window wasn’t working one day and I was telling my friend about it and the next day his window was also not working. He said he had gone home that day and kept thinking about my window and wondering how it could’ve happened. Then his wasn’t working the next day! It was so crazy.

Then I got a speeding ticket because I was thinking about how it has been many years since I got one. I called my mom and then I told my mom about my ticket and a week later she also got one! My mom has never received a ticket and unfortunately thanks to me she did! :

Now I don’t share any negative things with friends and family since I see how that can affect their thinking and make them attract those negative things.

Author: NAYELIS From San Antonio, Texas


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