Continue To Ask, Believe And You Will Receive

First of all I would just like to thank Rhonda and the team for putting this out for everyone to grow from. Thank you all for all the inspiring stories that reminded me to never give up and to just believe.

There have been so many things that happened as soon as I started using the Law of Attraction. I have been out of a job for a year now and you won’t believe it when I say that I have attracted cars, money, the house I wanted, and just recently, the perfect job.

My story begins at the beginning of the month when I was given a deadline to find a job or I was going to be evicted. August 1 was the day I started effortlessly looking for a job. Posting my resumes everywhere, packing my kids in the car and hauling them from one building to another asking them to hire me. Late nights and early mornings on the computer looking for any type of work. Early in the year I had requested the salary I wanted, job position I wanted and the city I wanted it in.

I had forgotten about my request until I found the letter I wrote to the universe about what I wanted and this was on August 24 just days before my eviction. That night after reading the letter, I sat down and released everything to the universe and believed the job was going to be mine.

Continue To Ask Believe And You Will Receive

I woke up early every morning to do my workout, make my children a hearty breakfast and take them to school. I would come home and clean the house, get dinner prepped, then get dressed and go to the employee parking lot and visualize myself getting out and using my Employee Access Card to get in. As I was doing that I was also visualizing money flowing into my life with ease.

In the middle of my visualization my phone rang and it was my school telling me that they have a credit of $5000 on my account and that they will be sending it to me after my last class. I was shocked! I started crying and thanking the universe and God.

The 26 of August I get a text from my old recruiter and he told me he had scheduled an interview with the District Manager for the 28th at 10. That day I woke up went to the interview and the district manager was so impressed with me she hired me on the spot!

And guess what?

I start on Monday, 8/31! The exact position, hours, pay and location I wanted. Thank you LOA!

I am teaching my kids about the Law of Attraction and we are going to finish their vision boards this weekend.

Thank you for reading my story and continue to ask, believe and you will receive.

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