Winning States Gymnastics And Fixing An Eating Disorder With Law of Attraction

I wanted to share with you two of many wonderful examples of the law of attraction in my life to inspire you to believe and share love all around.

One of my favorite examples was during my junior year of high school. I had taken two years off from gymnastics and it was the end of my first year back. We were competing in “States” which is our last big competition of the year and something we all trained really hard for. There were a lot of competitors in my age division and level. I had trained hard with the intent of doing well and learning new things for several months.

Winning States Gymnastics And Fixing An Eating Disorder


During the competition, I held the thought that “I am going to win today, I’m going to win States” as I went from event to event. All of my motions were fluid and I had enough spring in my flips and layouts.

I ended up winning and getting a trophy the size of half of my body, which is at my house in Franklin. This is about when I started practicing the law of attraction.

All throughout high school I had struggled with an eating disorder, bulimia. I tried to stay positive about it and convinced myself that I could take care of it myself. Based on how I viewed The Secret at the time, I felt that any negative talk about it to a professional or attention to it in general would cause it to grow into something worse.

The Secret works as a combination of recognition of reality and finding out what positive beliefs you need to accept permanently from that reality. I wasn’t focusing enough energy into new positive beliefs so I attracted a doctor’s sexual assault and the urges from my eating disorder grew stronger as I began to focus on everything negative. If anyone here has experienced addiction, you know how strong the urge can be and I empathize with what you went through completely, but know that you can fix it in an easier way than you think.

In recovery, I changed my attitude completely. I told everyone who asked that I was going to recover and anyone who suggested this was a long process or something that is always a part of you, I said “You’re wrong, it’s only a temporary habit of the brain and I’m healing it”. I was actually a really stubborn person there because I would disagree often and bring in the most difficult foods to fit into the meal plan on purpose because I didn’t want to be limited. I went off to school and slipped into new ways of thinking a few times.

But then something changed. I didn’t fight against urges anymore, I felt everything, I clung to every success and it made me believe that “I have an easy relationship with food and don’t have to worry about it”.

I started focusing first and foremost on life and that belief became more true than I could ever imagine. Eating is so easy for me now. I’ve always had a toned and slim figure but now my skin is healthier, I’m stronger and my stomach feels better. I never have the urge to binge or purge. It feels crazy that I ever did that as I am so different now. It feels so weird to think I ever struggled with this because food is so simple to me now that I barely think about it during the day. And when I do, I feel pride towards what I’ve done and love towards the relationship I have with this or telling people this story.

The cure to any addiction or any difficult thing in life is just to start to believe you ARE what you want. Stop fighting urges, observe them, trust yourself and don’t get anxious about the issue. Feel love and pride towards what you’ve become and how natural it is.

Right now there are so many things I’m thankful for. Thank you for letting me share, it means a lot to me and I really hope this helps.



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