How to Make The Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life

I would like to thank Rhonda and her entire team. You have no idea how these stories lift so many people up. I am a single mom of two boys. This is my second story submission and I must say that it is better than the first.
Life has not been easy these last few years for me, but I always believed that it would get better. At my lowest time when I started to lose hope I would go onto the site and read story after story. I would read them every single day and be grateful for the positivity I would get from them. I would be happy for each person that I would read about. I read The Secret and The Magic before.How to Make The Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life
I decided to practice The Magic again and this time I would have my boys take part in the activities. It really lifted my spirits to see us all being more grateful.
I needed a new job and a new car desperately. Our lives depended on it. I wrote goals and had the boys do the same for 2015.
I am happy to report that two major goals have been met already.
I have a new job!!! A job that will allow me to pay my bills.
I have a new car that can get us around safely.
I also have talks of possibly another part-time job in the works.
So many things are changing in my life all at once and for the best!!
You see I learned to wake up every day and say “Thank you”. I go to bed at night and I am grateful for all the days blessings. The boys and I have a grateful jar and each day we have to write at least one thing that we are grateful for and add it to the jar.
I am more thankful now for all things in my life from the smallest blessing to the largest. I no longer fear the challenges. I face them and believe that I will come out on top! I focus more on the good and do not leave a lot of room for negativity in my life. This is how I choose to live the rest of my life. You see, The rest of my life will be the best of my life as long as I am grateful!!!

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