The Universe Fell In Love With Me!

Yes you read the title right. That is how I feel! It feels as though the Universe is head over heels in love with me and grants me everything I want!

Although let me tell you, the start wasn’t easy… I was a tomboy in a girl’s school trying to “fit in” among the girly girls in college, but failed miserably due to low self-confidence. I used to stay sad, and to make it worst, the first boy I really had feelings for, never liked me more than a friend! Teenage drama! Then a family friend proposed to me, and I said yes. We were great together. He said he loved me but never gave me the commitment. After 2 years of on-off…we finally broke-up and that was it! My world fell apart. I was heartbroken, miserable and as well not happy with my looks.

During the same time period, I did not get selected in a medical college. (I aspired to be a cardiac surgeon all my life). I was offered a lower level degree and I declined it. So there I was, with not many friends, no love and no career prospects. I used to cry day in and day out. I then followed my passion and pursued a career in the creative field (I was always good at it). I took the plunge but faced a lot of criticism from family and friends since it was totally different from what I generally did. So it used to hinder my confidence most of the time but I stayed strong because I knew I was doing the right thing.

The Universe Fell In Love With Me

Things were getting on track career wise, I had friends too but I missed being loved by the special person. I was too stuck on my ex and lived in denial so it blocked all other chances. I used to be too negative with my thinking, “I’ll have to compromise” “I’ll never find my Mr. Right” etc. Since I love to love and be loved, this love-deprivation caused me to constantly be cribbing and mulling over small issues too. Then one fine day, my best friend’s sister introduced us to THE SECRET. My BFF said it worked for her, so I thought, lets try! (And let me tell you, I had come across The Secret book so many times earlier but never really paid heed!! shame!)

So to cut short the story… I read The Secret…followed by the film…then The Power, then The Magic… and well, the rest is history!! As expected, my life became magical!!!!! I found my deepest long lasting friends in the same people I went to the college being a tomboy! I started my own media agency, which is doing, incredible! I found the love of my life. He has EXACTLY all the qualities I ever wanted in my partner (and a few extra amazing points too!), and the magical part is, he was in front of me all this while, one of my friends for 6 years!! It’s the most unexpected love story, a fairytale in the true sense! (Its another long story, will tell it some other time!)

Apart from this, from the time I have done The Magic Money day.. Not a single day has passed without money. I somehow get it when I want it.

That is why I said the Universe loves me. It has been a truly magical experience until now and I know it’s going to be even more magical!! I have spread The Secret to a lot of my friends since I am a living example of how it WORKS! Thank you Rhonda and the entire team that made this magic reach us! May the joy be with you!!

Story by Nikita from India
About Nikita: An independent free willed girl. My world revolves around love…be it family friends or the love of my life! And off-course, The Secret!


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