The Big Changes In My Life….Your Secret!!

I am happy and grateful….. and this is the first time in my life that I mean it, and feel it.

My daughter was hospitalized because of a complicated pneumonia. Her situation was terrible, and she even had drains in her chest. She was one year old!!!

The whole day I was with her I just kept crying all the time seeing her like that. For a fleeting moment I remembered I had a very big exam to take that month but that thought was gone as fast as it came.

The Big Changes In My Life Your Secret

A friend of mine gave me The Secret DVD. It changed everything. I stopped crying, played beautiful music, laughed a lot with her, and also with the staff. After 3 weeks of high fever and antibiotics, they decided to operate on her. But they gave her one day to see if the fever would drop.

That day I told everybody in my family that tomorrow we will leave the hospital because she has no fever. I packed our things, and dressed her with her clothes, waiting to receive the papers to leave the hospital. The nurse thought that now I had a fever! And when she came to check my daughter’s fever, she was shocked. After three weeks of high fever, she had no fever, and started to drink by herself. And they canceled the operation! The next day we left for home!!

Two weeks later I went to this big exam, and I knew I had passed already. I had prepared everything at home to celebrate. And I passed… with a wonderful result. Now, everything in my life has changed.

I am so grateful and so happy you published this book, and Rhonda I thank you every day twice… in the morning when I wake up, and when I am going to bed.

Rhonda, THANKS… you are my angel!!!

Now even my husband reads your book…


About the Author from New York: I am 35 years old, married, and have two wonderful kids.


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