Preparing for the Ideal Partner in Your Life

When I watched The Secret many things struck me, but one thing I immediately put into practice. Because I was watching in bed at the time, I moved over to one side of the bed instead of lying in the middle with the pillows arranged just for me.

I was single for 3 years after my divorce, thought I would NEVER meet a decent man and had resigned myself to the fact that I was not “meant” to be with someone.

Preparing for the Ideal Partner in Your Life

After making space in the bed that night my whole thought pattern changed. I was now really ready for someone and was showing the universe.

That week, a wonderful guy I had met through work invited me out. We have been inseparable ever since and I know that he is my life partner. I give thanks every day for meeting him and this is not because it was suggested on the DVD, but because I am truly grateful… and so is he, which is even more wonderful!!

About Michelle P from Johannesburg, South Africa:

Mother of two adorable boys. I love life, enjoy time with friends and family and have always believed that happiness is a choice!

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