Living a Financially Independent Life with The Law of Attraction

A while back, a friend of mine suggested I read The Secret. I took it to college one day and sat in an empty classroom to read it. Not fifteen minutes later, my mind was racing with possibilities.

Any college student can give lengthy replies to why money is valuable. I started practicing the visualization techniques, wrote my checks and meditated. A week later I got $500 from a scholarship I don’t even remember applying for. Not long after that, my checkbook went wrong. Wonderfully wrong. Money had been deposited into my account that was unanswered for.

Financially Independent Life with The Law of Attraction

I took some of that money and bought my first ever lotto ticket. The game left me $180 richer. Fully blown away, I started to rethink my options.

Anyhow, not 6 months later, I’m living by myself, financially independent, college paid for (forever), with a wonderful job, and any negativity completely banished from my life.

It was, and continues to be, a breathtaking life for me, taking me further than I ever could have dreamed. It seems the universe is providing me with all I need.

I have no doubt that The Secret was responsible for the beautiful life I have now. I am so thankful, and wake up smiling every morning.


About William M. from Louisville, KY:

A student and writer. Very average in many regards, except for my luck.


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