Woman Uses Gratitude to Change Her Life

I really tried to make this concise but…trust me, you will be amazed…I am still in awe myself. Bear with me…On December 31, 2012, 11:30 pm, I was in my bedroom content and at peace with being as the clock ticked and the ball dropped into the new year, 2013, I was sitting in my bedroom flooded with peace. I decided that there was no other place than I wanted to be on New Year’s Eve than in “gratitude” mode. It wasn’t something that I planned in advance, I just decided that I was not going to conjure up any plans…I would just be “in the moment”.

I began to reflect on the entire year and found myself counting the blessings of each month. By the time I got to December of 2012, I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears of joy for the multitude of blessings that I had overlooked. It was such a joy to, to recall them and I sincerely felt deep gratitude.

Before I knew it, it was a little after midnight and the gun shots were firing in celebration of 2013. I went to sleep with tear stains on my face, and had the BEST sleep I could remember.

Jan 1st, I went about my day and decided that I would live 2013 in gratitude and inhabiting my moments. The remainder of the story I will try to list concisely so that you don’t become overwhelmed with the magical details 🙂

Jan 2nd, I received a call from one of many apartments that I had emailed as I had decided Oct. 2012, that I wanted to move to my new apartment in Oct. of 2013. The caller was a very cheerful woman that seemed so “happy”. Although I wasn’t sure which apartment complex she was calling from, because of her cheerfulness, I decided, I’d at least go visit the property to see the magnetic personality 🙂

Jan 5th: I decided that I’d drive and visit some properties and have ample time to decide before my OCT. 2013 move… As I drove to the magnetic lady’s property, I thought to myself, “oh, no, this is too far from my family and my job…why the heck am I even going out here???”

Once there, everything about Roxi (magnetic lady) seemed unique and like she knew that I belonged at that property. Roxi had only been working with the property for 2 weeks, yet she was a resident of 6 years there and was very happy living there! I listened to her and was entertained by her accent and her spirit, but I wasn’t convinced that I could live here, although the apartment was lovely…just a bit outside of my targeted jurisdiction. Suddenly as we were wrapping up the visit, I said to her that I didn’t want to move until October 2013 and that my concern was that the commute for me to drive to DC for work would be a bit much. She then recalled that there was a commuter “express” bus into D.C. that many residents utilize. A light bulb went off, and I knew that this might be a STRONG possibility now… Then she asked if she could give me a hug and said that I hope that you are my new neighbor. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I started balling crying and I couldn’t control it! I was embarrassed as there were now other potential residents arriving for appointments. I said to Roxi, thank you for being you, and I got out of that leasing office as quickly as I could…embarrassed for acting like a 5 year old!!! LOL!

Woman uses Gratitude Law of Attraction

As I composed myself in my car, I just thanked the universe for Roxi and for her spirit…for her being herself. I thought that I was just supposed to meet her and glean from her magnetic personality…that was enough for me, in that moment.

As I drove back to my family home, I kept thinking about Roxi…I also thought about the apartment, the community having everything that I love. I placed the floor plan on my vision board.

Each day from Jan. 5th, I thought of how this apartment could work for me…I considered the monthly rent, the commute, my expenses etc. Over the next week, I investigated the commuter bus route, local utilities, etc.

I had a concern that my budget might be a bit tight so I thought, I’d like to wait until Jan 15th and see what my new salary increase would look like on my take home pay.

Each day until the 15th, it became more and more apparent that I should end my apartment search. Then, it became increasingly clear that I didn’t need to wait until OCT. 2013 to make this move. This was a bit overwhelming for me as I was not prepared to make all of the sudden changes…so I thought.

Once I accepted the apartment as my “new home” and secondly that accepted that I wanted to the move “now”…EVERYTHING became effortless and swift!!!

Jan. 15th, I checked my pay statement and then completed the online application for the apartment. I was accepted online and I sat at work thinking- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??? LOL!!!

I decided that I would go with the flow…I was all in! I got a call from Roxi and she was even shocked that I had made the decision so quickly since I was projecting October! She then told me that I had selected a special move-in deal online that required that I move in in 3 days! I was like, uh…okay. I immediately began coordinating services and address change for my new move-in date. Next, I’d have to inform my Mom and my college age son that I was making this move a lot sooner than I’d planned. They were bracing for October…

I told them on Jan 16th and to my surprise, they were supportive. Once I explained what I started attracting and that all cooperative components were NOW aligned, they were convinced. My mom told me that I needed to go with the flow…That was the final frontier 🙂

I moved in to my new lovely apartment on Jan 18, 2013! It is the most lovely quant apartment home with a breathtaking view! I call it a home of PlA: an acronym that the universe gave to me which stands for PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE

This story will continue to unfold as there has been a very interesting twist on Feb 12th. I am expecting to share the magnificent outcome to this event soon!

Love you guys so much! Thank you for reading and I hope with all of my heart that this blesses someone…just one.

Keep going with the flow and be in the moment…you will hear distinctly what the universe is telling you…then ACT!

RHONDA- YOUR SECRET DAILY TEACHING APP MEDITATIONS, confirmed that I was on the right track each morning! The Secret, The Power, The Magic have each launched this new beautiful life that I am living!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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