Secret Success Story: Woman Gets What She Wants with Law of Attraction

2 1/2 years ago I got seriously ill on one of my travels. It resulted in me having to leave everything I owned in California, including my job, and fly back to Sweden immediately to receive hospital treatments.

Since then I have been living with my mother on disability funding from the government and I have been extremely depressed.

I have been practicing the law of attraction for years but seemed to have forgotten all about it when I got sick. A dear friend in the USA told me to order the film The Secret last year and said, you already know all this but you need to be seriously reminded again. Remember, she continued, you can heal yourself!

I got the DVD and started to watch it daily and started to use my mind to turn this very challenging situation around. My main desire was to obtain $5000 for the specific operation that I needed. I had no idea where I was to receive this money, but I printed out a check from The Secret website and wrote me a check of $5000. I asked for it to arrive within 3 months of the date which was the 24th of March-07.

I also had a great wish to return to the Island of Maui again where I used to live. I visualized daily the $5000 coming my way and me being in Maui again, daily. One day a dear old friend from the US called me and said there was this great job and could I consider the position? It would pay $5000 for a few weeks work and the job was located on Hawaii – Oahu, to be precise. I could not believe it! I accepted the job naturally. I explained that I needed the money in advance because of the operation I needed to do ASAP. They said no problem and I received $5000 into my Swedish bank account the 8th of May -07, 2 months after my affirmation! They are also sending me a ticket to Honolulu!

Woman Gets What She Wants with Law of Attraction

That is not all. I am writing a book at the moment but have had problems with my computer. I have been desiring a laptop for the past 6 months. Another friend of mine heard about the book I am writing. He is very inspired by the story I am writing and called me to tell me that a laptop is on the way because this book needs to be written. I was stunned, yet not surprised, since I know that I have spent the past 6 months asking for exactly all this. I had NO IDEA where it was going to come from, all I had was unwavering faith in the unseen.

I am in deep gratitude to the Great Spirit. I am also healing very nicely. Life is beautiful.

About A. I. from Sweden:

I am an artist and a world traveler. I am finally healing and look forward to an abundant healthy future. Thank you Rhonda for reminding us of the great power that lies within, Aloha



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