Student Uses the Law of Attraction to Get into A Foreign University with Full Scholarship

This is a pretty motivating story and a must read for all the students who are looking to pursue higher studies.

My whole life seemed to have burned to the ground for the past 6 months and from the ashes comes a new life in New Zealand.

I finished my undergraduate studies in Aeronautical Engineering in July 2013 in India. My immediate goal was to have a Master’s degree from a foreign University beginning in September 2013 (Germany in particular). I had applied to Universities around the world and had offers from 5 different countries but with no Scholarships. I was excited when I had the offers but I was not able to attend them due to my family’s financial crisis and I broke down.

Slowly the depression seeped in. I was very much frustrated as I was not able to achieve my dream of studying in a foreign University even after having the offer of place. I also missed my Gold Medal by a very small margin (0.01) at my Undergraduate Convocation held in November 2013. Things were tough as nothing went right. I was always an enthusiastic and a happy kid. I was angry to see myself doing nothing and had completely isolated myself from the social networking community and had lost all my contacts.

People did offer opportunities for me to continue with my UG project but I was very stubborn and uttered with full confidence that “I wish to do my Master’s abroad”. Hence I declined those offers too, because I always felt that “Getting off the bus is better rather than riding on it, not enjoying the journey”. I told myself “No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I am going to make it”. I was fearless as I had nothing to lose now.

At the same time even my parents did not pressure me to get a job. They said “What if you get into a University with a full Scholarship? God has something better for you. Please Wait”.


I started reading all books of Rhonda’s and found THE MAGICAL WAY OUT OF NEGATIVITY from the book The Magic to be very helpful. I practiced GRATITUDE for not being able to attend grad school because God wanted me to study with a full scholarship. I felt GRATITUDE for missing the Gold Medal because If I had gotten it, I would have let that get into my head and stopped myself from achieving higher things in life.

It all started with this BELIEF of getting into a University with full Scholarship. But I never knew how it was going to come about. I trusted the Universe and I had the end result in my mind of getting a full financial Scholarship and wrote it down in my journal every single day and had the feelings of having a full Scholarship.

With nothing else to do, I just did some household work, took my brother to school, went to the grocery stores, etc. On one sunny day when I was driving, I saw a big banner that read Australian Education Fair. Though I never had any plans to study in Australia, I just randomly walked in to see If they offered any Scholarships. Also the other reason was that I was bored.

Here comes the turning point of my life.

I met an Australian Professor at the education fair and explained my financial situation to him. He congratulated me on having high grades and a good final year work project and asked me if I am interested in research? I said “Yes”. He then said “You can do a direct PhD”. I was bewildered and my jaws were wide open because my ultimate aim was to do a PhD after my Master’s. But again the story does not end here because he refused to offer any Scholarships.

But having known this fact that a student can do a direct PhD after his Bachelor’s degree; I sent hundreds of mails to Professors in AUS and NZ and finally found a suitable project in New Zealand under a German Supervisor after a 6 months wait.

And Guess what?

They offered me a full financial Scholarship!

Once upon a time I wanted to travel to Germany. Though I am not travelling to Germany, things have worked out in a perfect manner! A suitable PhD project to work on, full financial support from the University, a German supervisor in NZ. I couldn’t have expected anything better than this. And I am very sure that this Professor will take me on a trip to Germany for conferences and meetings which will also make my dream of travelling to Germany come true.

Thanks to Rhonda Byrne for the books and the movies. It has certainly changed my life for the best and you have brought out the real HERO in me.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

About Arun K from Chennai,India:

I enjoy reading Rhonda’s books, playing cricket, nature, listening to music, traveling the world and inspiring people.


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