The Secret Success Stories: A Woman Attracts Money Whenever She Needs It

I have a wonderful amazing friend in my life!

His name is Bill, and he is truly an angel to me. Just a few days ago, he gifted me with a book. (I do not read much) He did not go on and on about it, just left it with me, as we had a lovely visit, talking, (crying) and sharing a hug too.

As I begin to read The Secret I’m becoming more of the way I want to feel. I am becoming more peaceful, happier.

To realize some of the instances that have occurred already, I want to blog them here, as a reminder of how good my life can be. How good my life is.

Last night, I was quietly reading the book before bed. Out in my front street was a booming car stereo parked in front of a neighboring house. The sound was aggrevating, annoying, and rude.

My first thought was, “stop playing that loud music” and “I wish that music would just stop”.

I quickly re-evaluated my thinking to….. “I want peace and quiet – I deserve peace and quiet, I will have peace and quiet.” After about one minute the music became much quieter, another minute after that – the car drove off! and did not return.

This morning is my father’s Birthday, I had sent in his photo to a morning news show that does Birthday Greetings on air. Then they choose one of the Birthday photos to win a fabulous Ice cream cake (random drawing). At breakfast I told the kids I feel Grandpa is the Winner of the Cake. I know it, I believe, he deserves it. They thought I was nuts.

As the announcements began, the kids thought there was an unlikely chance as there were many birthday announcements. Again I stated, I believe that your Grandpa will win. I just do.

Sure enough, he was chosen as the winner of the Ice cream cake for today!

The Secret Success Stories

Also this morning I was called to go into my youngest child’s school to meet with one of the teachers. I had recently done much work for the school, with their school clothing order and promo products for their 100 year anniversary. To my absolute delight, she presented me with an amazing Spring Basket of flowers for my yard; it is HUGE, wonderful, beautiful and fragrant. A real treat for all my senses. Along with that was a “thank you” card, stating how much I am appreciated.

Still the same day, May 11, I had a yellow notice stuck in my backdoor stating that my power would be disconnected due to non-payment. I did not let this get me down as it normally would. I looked at the phone number I was required to call as being something “good”. Like “phone this number and get a PRIZE” or something like that.

I was told I must pay $377 TODAY, and then phone back in to confirm the payment had been made at a bank, or my power would be cut off, with a penalty of hundreds of dollars to reconnect in the future.

I sat quietly and thought…I have money, I have money, I have more than enough money for this bill. I took as much money out of my different accounts as I could to produce the $377, actually I rounded it up to $400, and paid the bill immediately, even though it left me with no money for any of my other bills. Again I didn’t let this get me down, I just said to myself, I have money, I have lots and lots of money.

The same day, in the early evening we set out to travel to my Dad’s house out of town, to visit him for his Birthday and share in the FREE ice cream cake he had won from the morning news program. I hadn’t really even thought of having enough money for fuel to drive there and back, I was just excited to go. When we arrived in the city where my Father lives, I just had the idea to stop into a bank that I had an old Savings account at. It was set up from a previous vehicle loan, and even though the loan had been paid off for many many years, I still allowed the bank to take an automatic monthly withdrawl from my main account – to be put into this account. It was like my secret life’s savings. I thought – today is the day… I must do SOMETHING to get my credit card debts reduced. I stopped in at the city branch and bit the bullet – I told the teller I needed to pay $5000 of my life savings to this credit card bill to help reduce it. This was a huge decision for me, but it felt good. Even though $5000 is almost a surreal amount of money to me, I just released it from my savings to the Bill, all in a matter of a few minutes. But it felt good. I didn’t hesitate at all in my decision – I knew it was right. Then driving to my Father’s house, I kept telling myself positive thoughts like the book had outlined. I said, I am a money magnet, I receive money all the time, I have so much money! I constantly repeated these thoughts as I drove.

At my Dad’s house, we had a lovely visit. The kids and I enjoyed the Ice Cream Cake with him, and he just LOVED the card we had chosen for him.

When it was time to leave to return home, my Dad followed us outside to my Van to say good-bye. Just before we drove off, he handed me a compact brown envelope with his banks logo on it, and said “this is for you.” I thanked him not knowing what it was, and just before we drove off he advised me that I should check my oil before we embark on the highway. I said I would do it tomorrow, and drove off.

As I was driving, before I passed the last service station before entering the highway I thought to myself, ” I really should check my oil now… my Dad is right.” My son helped me check the oil and it was completely empty. I knew I had to buy some – but now I realized I had no more money! Except for that envelope my Dad gave me.

I looked inside to see a thick stack of $100 bills. I was speechless for a moment. The kids asked what was wrong? I said, “nothing, nothing at all – there is a lot of money here.” I quickly put the envelope back nervously and my son gave me a $20 bill to buy the oil and said I would pay him back later.

We arrived into our town safely, and I wanted to deposit this money into the bank machine immediately to keep it safe. I went to use the machine and counted out 12 of the $100 bills, there was still a lot more money in the evelope. I deposited the 12 bills and wanted to quickly return to my house so I could see just how much money was there. When I arrived home I started off by counting “twelve” out loud, and continued to the next bill, 13, 14, 15, …..20, 21, …30!! I still had many bills left to GO!! already I had counted Three Thousand Dollars!! I continued on…35, 36,………40, 41,…to my amazement I was still counting….48, 49, 50! FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

The exact amount of my life savings that I had released only a few hours early, had come back into my life the very same day! I phoned my Dad to thank him and told him of the Book and all the day’s events, and how I’d just used my saving to pay a $5000 bill around 5:30 before we got to his house.

I asked him, how did you decide on $5000, why $5000? He calmly replied that the human mind is a powerful thing!

May 13, (Mother’s Day and my older daughter’s 15th Birthday)

I had an amazing day with my children, my Mother, and my Grandmother celebrating the occasion. After we had my daughter’s birthday cake my Grandma asked to see me alone, in the bathroom actually where we could have privacy. This was odd. She never had asked to speak to me alone like this before. I’d no idea what she wanted.

OR I should say what she wanted to give to me. My grandmother presented me with a cheque for $2000. To spend on my home, or something personal for myself, as a gift from her to me.

Again I was amazed at these events unfolding. Just as the book had explained.

She had signed the check and written the numbers, but wanted me to write in my name and the written amount of the sum of money for her.

Just earlier that morning I decided to print out the Blank Check from the Universe from The Secret’s website, and done the very same thing… writing in my name onto the check. It was like a preview of the day’s events!

I am so extremely happy with how my outlook has evolved from reading the book – and I’m only 1/2 way through.

I do feel like a Millionaire, I honestly do, and it shows! I smile all the time, I’m happy, I feel great!

I believe that I actually am a Money Magnet!

About Lynda from Vegreville, Alberta:

I am self-employed, with 3 school aged children.


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