How to Get A Job With Law of Attraction

It began when I was suddenly and unceremoniously made redundant from my job as Head of Department with a TV company, and as the main breadwinner I knew our house was at risk if I didn’t find another well paid, full time job and soon.

I am a positive person but the redundancy knocked me for six and I had lost my confidence. I knew it was all about the job being redundant and not the person, but it FELT like it must have been because of something I had done wrong.

Three weeks into job hunting with no positive results, I had seen The Secret reviewed in The Observer (a broadsheet Sunday Newspaper.) It felt like something I would enjoy reading. I made a mental note to buy the book when it was published, but along with several other ‘must do’s’ I didn’t.

Then, by ‘chance’, coming back from yet another meeting that clearly wasn’t going anywhere, I picked up a copy of The Evening Standard (a UK evening paper) that someone had left on the train. I started reading and there was an extract from The Secret again.

I had not had a good day and this felt like a nudge from ‘upstairs’, so as soon as I got off the train, I went straight to the local bookshop to buy a copy of the book and thankfully she had just received the consignment that morning.

As soon as I got in, I began to read and started the visualization exercises. I had applied for a job earlier that week I felt would be a great fit and I imagined the recruiters being really excited by my experience, cover letter and CV and then giving me the job.

I told the universe I was ready to receive. It has been a dreadful few weeks.

I swear when I had finished reading the book at 5.30pm (I did not put it down) the phone went and it was the deputy managing director of the company I wanted to work for, not a PA, not a recruiter, the deputy MD, asking me if I would be kind enough to attend an interview with him and the CEO the next day at 9.30am!

Job With Law of Attraction

I was quite amazed and excited and dashed out of the house to meet my partner at the bus stop to tell him all about the book and the call. On our way home across the green, a friend we hadn’t seen for a while, who worked at the local Italian, popped her head up from over a bush and invited us to go into the restaurant for a bottle of champagne – for no reason at all.

That night I imagined the drive to the interview, the interview going well and that the role was mine.

The drive was fine. The normal traffic (heavy) was light. The interview was good but very long, but just as well as the job was offered at 11.20am that day – the offer letter received the next day and I am a month in the job today……..AND the package is 20% better than the old job!

It does work – smile then you can’t be sad. Be grateful and thankful and generate more good things in your life. It comes!

Thank you for The Secret. I am telling EVERYONE and birthday gifts are no longer an issue!

About Kate L from LONDON:

I am a TV producer happily living with my partner of 6 years and two cats!


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