How to Deal With the Loss of a Family Member With The Help of The Secret

Loss of a family member is a painful thing and dealing with that is tough on any human being. Here is a story of how Brandon Kaminsky dealt with life after losing two of his closest family members.

A truly motivating story especially for those who would have lost their near and dear ones in the recent past.

I was on my way back to school with my friends. I knew my grandfather was in Cancer treatment overseas. I had spoken to my father a few hours before. In a very low, exhausted voice, he told me he doesn’t think my grandpa was making it back alive.

Twenty minutes into my ride back to school, I received the phone call. It was my uncle, “Grandpa’s dead.” My heart skipped a beat. All of the amazing times I had spent with him started rapidly filling my mind. I began to think negatively, thinking to myself that I couldn’t believe that I am never going to see him again. A few days later, I was on my way home from school for the funeral when I get a phone call from my brother. My brother says “Something very bad happened.” I asked him “what happened?” he told me “Dad had a heart attack, he’s in the hospital.” My mind almost exploded, it felt as if I just took a spear to the heart. He told me he doesn’t know if he’s okay or not, my step-mom was talking to the doctor. I got a call a few minutes later; it was my brother, “Dad died.” When I tell you my world ended, my world truly ended. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was in a state of complete shock, I “blacked out.” My roommate in college is the one who I got into The Secret with. Two months prior to my grandfathers and fathers deaths, I had seriously gotten into The Secret and been attracting things into my life left and right, making big progress in learning how to attract my dreams. I called him immediately. I wasn’t crying yet because my body literally turned off. My heart was in complete and total shock. I couldn’t feel anything. I said to him, “Mike, I need you.” When he asked me “What’s wrong?” I told him “My dad just died, I need you to keep me in ‘the mindset’ right now.”

Deal With the Loss of a Family Member With The Help of The Secret

He knew exactly what I was talking about. I could tell he was extremely thrown off and he wasn’t ready to hear what I had just told him, he started stumbling over his words a little but he knew exactly what to say to me. He started telling me that being broken down the way I was only means I had only the best of things waiting for me in the future. “God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers, and it’s only the toughest soldiers who get promoted.” This quote made me start thinking and truly feeling like my life had nowhere to go but up. My grandfather and my father died within the same week, and the first thing that I turned to was the Law of Attraction. I immediately started controlling my mind to think only positive things about the situation. How it will make me into an extremely strong man, how I have two very powerful angels looking over me for the rest of my life, how God only has positive, dream-fulfilling plans for me from this point on. I could tell that my attitude really started attracting serious strength to my mind. I was holding up my family, I was being The Man of the family now. I held up my brother at the funeral, having to see my father and my grandfather being buried, and still having the strength to hold my brothers, sisters, step mom, grandmother and aunt on my shoulder and being The Man that my father and my grandfather would want, and would expect me to be for my family, was a feelings and a power that would have been impossible to acquire if I didn’t immediately start letting positivity and strength take over my mind and body. It’s been two weeks now, I had attracted very powerful strength to myself.

Since my father’s death, my brother has been blessed with the opportunity to play Football at Rutger’s University, my step-mom is making my father’s business expand and setting our family up for success and wealth, and I have gotten in touch with very important people in my life that I have lost touch with throughout the years. I have attracted some true friends into my life to help me get through this tough time and continue to live every day with a smile.

The Law of Attraction saved my life. I want everyone to learn it, live it and love it. It is the most powerful Law that the Universe has to offer. If it can help me through something as life-changing as what I went through at such a young age, it can help you get through or get to where ever you want in your life.

About Brandon Kaminsky from Long Island, NY:

I am a 19-year-old college student with plans of becoming a life coach and a teacher/author of The Secret. My life goal is to teach young people how to use The Law to create their futures, and settled people how to expand their life in all aspects.

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