An Introduction to Practicing the Law of Attraction Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

According to the Law of attraction we attract to our lives whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to – whether you want it or don’t. The law of attraction is a universal law and has been around since creation. The law is consistent, powerful, responsive and fair. It simply means that, what you focus on is what you receive.
Law of Attraction is helping many people create abundance in their lives. However there are also many people who are stuck in achieving their goals because of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

When I read about the Law of Attraction, I was gratified and thrilled. I could quit my “regular and safe” job because I realized that I could manifest anything I desired, if it was the highest good of all. I faced many blocks like fear of failure, doubt and negative beliefs from other people who did not believe in my path. It was easy to brush it off externally but deep inside it was impacting me. Even though I was visualizing success I was not making any progress in my new career and I felt stuck. I used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on myself and cleared all the blocks. I used the law of attraction to attract the right people, right clients and right resources. I then started manifesting success.
EFT and Law of Attraction
Why Should I combine EFT and Law of Attraction?
Feelings of fear, anxiety and low self-esteem are natural because of difficult life experiences.

When we apply Law of Attraction for a goal, negative emotions like fear of success/failure, guilt about being wealthy, doubts and negative beliefs may block us from achieving our goals. These negative emotions cause us to send contradicting messages to the universe. We could be spending time visualizing our goal everyday but for the rest of the time, if we are vibrating with fear, frustration or anxiety, it blocks the flow of abundance.
EFT helps in clearing these emotional blocks and also installs positive beliefs and emotions. Along with manifesting your goal you are also healing and empowering yourself.

Can you identify with these blocks to abundance?
* Fear of Success
* Fear of Failure
* Guilt about being rich
* Fear of being rejected by loved ones
* Fear of coping with money
* Doubts
* Past Patterns of Failure
* Fear that money will change you
* Belief that it has to be a struggle
* Negative beliefs about money
* Comfort Zones
* Procrastination
* Lack of patience
* Self Sabotage
* Conflict with receiving
All these blocks should be identified and healed for law of attraction to work more effectively. Heal emotional blocks and embrace abundance which is your divine right.


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