Law Of Attraction Secret Resources For Money Wealth And Success

The secret law of attraction for money wealth and success are not as secret as you think.

Actually, they are staring you right in the face every day, but it’s up to you to see it.

Here’s an example.

I just watched the film, “I am legend”, and it really put me in a mood. For those who haven’t heard of the movie, here’s the trailer for you.

Here’s this guy all alone in a cruel world, with no one to talk to, not even a single soul.

Forget about money wealth and success, let alone trying to apply the law of attraction to achieve it; for these things do not even have a meaning in the world Robert Neville (Will Smith) lives in.

To make things worse, his life is in danger daily. There are creatures around him that want to feed on him. The thought of this gives me the creeps.

But what does he do?

Robert Neville (Will Smith), wakes up every morning, does a full workout, makes breakfast, goes down to his lab, uses his resources there, makes notes, works on his cure for the virus, after which, he goes to the video shop, returns a movie and picks up another. – He even flirts with a dummy in the store. He then gets into his car, goes to the docs, leaves a message on the radio for anyone who could hear him. and so on.

Each day he continues to make a life for himself, with the belief that things will be better.

But what happens? He loses his only friend in the world (his dog) and as a result, he loses his cool. That’s when things started going downturn.

So what does secret resources to money wealth and success have to do with this?

Well, everything.

You see, our lives are not so much different.

You want to use the Law of attraction secret resources, to attract money wealth and success in your life.

We may be in debt, we may have family, health or relationship problems, we may be lonely – We always have one problem or the other.

This is life.

According to Henry Thomas Hamblin In his book “Within You is the Power” He said: “The true object of life is that man may attain wisdom through experience. This cannot be accomplished by giving in to the difficulties of life, but only by overcoming them.

What will happen if you kept your cool, (even in the harshest of times.) looked into the future when things are exciting and problem free, when your life is full of joy, health, money wealth and success.

Do you doubt this? You shouldn’t!

It’s simple When you live your life just as Robert Neville (Will Smith) did, working towards a better future, the problem will eventually go away, opportunities will start to reveal themselves, money, success, wealth, health, happiness, love will no longer be an issue. This is the secret to law of attraction. You have to hang in there; the problems are only there because you allow them to exist.

Even if you find some bumps along the way that will drive you nuts, and push you back into a state of rage, fear, anxiety and worry. These are just hiccups. – Think about it? At one time in your life you had some form of money, wealth and success, so why can’t you have it again? And this time much more.

These hiccups are just traces left behind from your old subconscious, trying to fight its way back in your life, making you believe that you are still in trouble and there is no need to keep on fighting.

When this happens to me, I know that this is a sign that I’m just about to breakthrough and be free forever. My old subconscious, in a desperate attempt is just trying one last act of strength. But now, I have a new subconscious thought, that will fight the same way my negative did, and this time, 10 times harder.

At this point, I grab hold of all the resources available to me, so that I can make take full advantage of them. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem to be.

You are wealthy, the secret to money wealth and success is within you.

All you have to do is believe and so it is.

Before applying the law of attraction to your life to achieve success, here is a little exercise you can do to keep you on track


One of the most powerful resources to use, are simple exercises you can do at home.

Here’s a simple exercise – Yet very powerful.

Choose a private corner in your home, where you won’t be disturbed.

Take a piece of paper, (not your laptop of PC) and write down ONE thing that you already have in your life right now. (Your most desired.) – Don’t write it out as a “want”, rather write it as something you already posses.

Example: Instead of I want a pen, say I have a pen.

After you do that, read it out loud to yourself. Feel and hear every word.

Repeat this till you get a tingly feeling in your stomach, a feeling of content and confidence.

This simple resource is not magical, but the results are. Once you have a clear mind full of confidence, it will be easy to attract money wealth and success into your life.


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