The Law Of Attraction For Singles In Relationships

The Law of Attraction works equally as powerfully within a relationship as when you are waiting for your soul mate. Those factors that brought your soul mate to you still need to be in force to keep your relationship happy and strong. What were those points, I hear you asking yourself? Well, for those who have forgotten, need a reminder, or are new to the Law of Attraction and are keen to start applying it their lives, here we go:

* Gratitude. Remember how grateful you were when your soul mate entered your life? Why stop being grateful for their presence? Celebrate and rejoice each and every day that this special person is a significant part of your life. Being grateful for your great life is one of the most important components of the Law of Attraction.

* Appreciation. Do you still appreciate all those special things that your soul mate does for you? How long since you told them or showed them? Have you stopped appreciating them and fallen into the trap of complaining? This is easy to do once you start to fall into your comfort zone. However, you should not stop trying to impress your soul mate once you have them.

Do you still appreciate the fact that they do the groceries on the way home from the office, or are you too busy complaining that they forgot your special request (which you could have gotten yourself)? If this is sounding familiar, you need to change your behavior quickly.

* Compliment them. Everybody loves to be complimented and noticed. Females in particular can often easily feel overlooked. If your partner’s new hair style makes them look 10 years younger and 7 pounds lighter, tell them. It is very easy to notice, but to forget to mention. Take note and compliment the new outfit, the taut body, or whatever. In reality, your partner is partly making an effort for you. So feel flattered, compliment them, and they will feel cherished and motivated to keep on looking and doing their best.

“They lived happily ever after” does happen in real life. The reality is that to live happily ever after with your soul mate requires continual maintenance. However, after time, all these little positive actions will become habits which you will not have to think about so much. You have opened up your heart and your mind to your soul mate using the powers of the Law of Attraction with gratitude and appreciation. Keep your soul mate by your side with those same emotions.

Celebrate each and every day that you have a soul mate by your side. Remember to be thankful and grateful for their presence. Show them and tell them that you are pleased that they are by your side for a lasting and happy relationship. The Law of Attraction is a powerful and positive approach to enriching your life and your relationship. One you have your soul mate in your life it is important to keep implementing the same tools for a lasting and passionate relationship.


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