Success Story: The Secret Gave Me Healing, New Job And A New Life!

In today’s story the author shares how the Secret changed her life around.

I want to thank God, Jehovah for the gift of life. I want to thank Nsama Chikwanka for buying me the book that changed my life and I want to thank Rhonda and your team for such great work. Be continually blessed.

I was involved in a horrific car crash which left both of my passengers dead and myself with multiple fractures in my right leg. I stayed in hospital for over 3 months and could not walk for another 2. During my stay in hospital a new friend I had met a couple of months before the accident in South Africa, sent me a gift. It was a book. The Secret. I was lying on a hospital bed with basically nothing to do and I did not hesitate to start reading the book.

The first shock I had was the realization that I had attracted the accident! Yes, I did. I used to be so afraid of being involved in an accident and I thought about it almost every time I took to the wheel. I read the book to the very end and my life changed. Another friend had The Secret video which she shared with me and I watched it all the time.

The changes I made: I used The Secret to attract my healing. Doctors and Physiotherapists were amazed at my speedy recovery. My attitude was amazing too. I was grateful for my legs and I continually thanked God for being able to run again. I visualised myself on a treadmill and this has since happened. I started driving again within months and I go to the gym like everyone else.

I had since wanted a change in my love life and felt I needed to move on it. I had been afraid of the changes that it would bring to my life especially in relation to finances since I had a low paying job. Using The Secret, I attracted a good job in a neighboring country and managed to be both financially independent and free from an unhealthy marriage. I have since settled and bought my first car, still using The Secret. The Secret is now part of my life and I use it in any circumstance and share it with whoever wants to listen.

I am attracting $35,000 right now as I write with The Magic cheque placed in my wallet. I will be back, soon enough, to tell you about it. Also looking forward to a great new love. It is possible! Thank you!

Author: Lin
About the Author: Young, vibrant and energetic single mom of 3 walking in greatness.

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