Success Story: I Only Chose To Be Happy Always

In today’s story the author explains how she always chooses happiness over everything. She has seen some really great changes in her life with the help of this positive attitude.

Hello readers, I want to thank Rhonda Bryne her team of The Secret and The Magic, and to everyone who is reading this story. I have been following The Secret for quite a while and witnessed great gifts.

I was raised in a environment which was neither easy nor supportive. I had big goals and I was criticized for it. It was tough on me as the reality was something else. I still chose to be happy and thankful in life. It made me feel good and strong. I continued with my regular life and just being positive. Things started falling in place and it is amazing how some of my dreams came true. The naysayers whom I knew were surprised and could not believe it. I still chose to be happy and wished good things for everybody.

I started travelling to different countries, exploring beautiful things in the world. I had always believed in being fit and healthy from my childhood. I was also mocked and bullied for my body frame for a long time. I still chose to be happy and loved myself. Today, I have the abs and look fit. People complement me for my physique. Men and women ask me for health advice. It is crazy how things have turned out. I had a good height but I still wanted couple of inches more. I grew in my 20s. I was surprised myself and also happy.

I only chose to be happy always. I am struggling in my career but I also know I am on the right track. So, I feel good. Right things and perfect people are being aligned for me recently. In another two months I am travelling to my dream destination for my goal. I am very blessed person. I have lots of good things in life and I want to give more back. Today, I am very proud of myself. I love and respect myself. I have realised my true nature and purpose. When you know it, you will have a feeling of relief and composure. It will make sense and you will be ahead.

I hope this story helps you. No matter wherever you are, I am sending you hugs to wish you a good day. Be brave and have faith.

Author: Caroline
About the Author: I am a blessed person living in a wonderful world.

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