Success Story: Choosing the Happy Life With the Law of Attraction

In today’s success story the author shows how she used gratitude to stay happy and bring positivity into her life. She has been seeing positive things manifest into her life since she has started applying the secret in her day to day life.

I was reading all of these beautiful stories and decided to tell you mine! I am from Brazil and about two years ago I was not happy at all. I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years, depressed and suffering from anxiety. When I finally got out of it, I started taking care of myself again and doing more things that made me happy. That’s when, last year, I was presented with a book called “The Power Of Subconscious Mind”. Then I began to read more about the law of attraction. I read and watched The Secret, The Magic, Think And Grow Rich and You Can Heal Your Life. But nothing really changed because I was not applying what I was learning.

Some months ago I started doing the gratitude journal every night before bed and that was when my reality really started to change! I became a very positive person, my relationship with my family is way better and I had a great opportunity at work.

Now it’s time to make my dreams come true! In October I’m going to spend three weeks in Buenos Aires to improve my spanish, something that seemed impossible before! I also want to do an exchange in California, and I know that it’s already done!! I just have to align my vibration to receive these gifts from God! I believe and I’ll come back to tell you guys this story!

Thank you Rhonda and all of your team of The Secret. I have never been so happy in my life!!! Thank you so much!!!

Author: AMZ from Brazil.
About the Author: I’m a happy girl now that I know that I can be, do or have anything I want in my life! I’m 22 years old.

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