LOA Success Story: Making Love Find You

In today’s success story the author narrates how she found the perfect life partner by following simple law of attraction methods.

I was in an abusive relationship, both mentally and physically abusive. I was drained. I was cheated upon. I had lost faith.

There was another guy, HK, who had had known me for a long time. He knew my problems. He liked me from the very beginning. I also liked him, however, I wanted to give my relationship all possible chances, and hence, I stuck with that abusive relationship. I got married to my abusive boyfriend and it did not last even 2 months. I was devastated. I started rereading The Secret once again.

Little did I know that HK was still waiting for me and still loved me as much as he did when I was not married. He asked me to meet him one afternoon. He confessed to me his feelings and how badly he had been wanting to spend his life with me. Ever since that day, I am the happiest girl on earth. He treats me like a princess, spoils me every single day, loves me more than any human could love another human. He respects me as much as he respects his parents, loves my parents as much and helps me spend time with my side of the family every single day. He supports me with my career and education and gives me all the happiness that any girl could ever ask for. I got my soulmate and I am glad I reread the Secret and followed it.

Thank you Rhonda and team. I am blessed and there is not a single day which goes by me that does not have me expressing gratitude to the Universe!

PS: HK has started following the laws of attraction too, and expresses gratitude every single day to the Universe for getting me in his life. I love him and he loves me more than any human can love someone!! Thank you, Universe!!

Author: Supriya HK from Mumbai, india.
About the Author: An advocate by profession, and very much in love with the Universe and the love of my life who loves me just as much!
Source: https://www.thesecret.tv/stories/and-love-found-me-again/

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