Law of Attraction Success Story: Positive Healing Through Mind

I have hundreds of stories that “The Secret” can be applied to. They all are real stories about myself or events that I witnessed. I actually saw “The Secret” movie only last night, but realized that all my life I have been applying the attraction principle over an over. I will give only one example.

One morning I was in a hurry to get to work. I love making my own dressing for salads so I was in the middle of this process. I had an immersion blender that I was using. For some reason I wanted to clean the blade with my finger (I know, stupid) so I could see if my dressing needed more salt. You can see what was coming next. Yes, I trip and instantaneously my hand clenched on my blender tail and pressed the On button while my finger from the other hand was still cleaning the blade. I shredded the top of my finger pretty darn bad. The first microseconds I was terrified and was thinking: “I am by myself, I cut my finger super bad, how am I going to work, need to cancel my patients for today”, etc and lots of other negative thoughts. The moment I got to the thought “I am by myself…”, that was the spark. I knew that just because I was alone I had to handle it. So I felt extremely powerful and immediately wrapped my hand the best I could, cleaned all my kitchen floors and dishes while still hurting like hell and drove myself to work. I had one of my nurses bandage me, while she was still telling me how crazy I am that I refuse to go to ER.

That night I was imagining Jesus coming to my bed. I could see his face, his hands, grabbing my finger and I imagined my pain as a flow of particles that moved from my finger to his hands. I woke up and totally was floored that my swelling was gone, my open wound was closed and there was virtually no pain. Three days later everybody was amazed how fast I healed with no stitches and just by imagining each night that my pain was like a flow of light leaving my finger. Many times I would concentrate and think of any painful area as a leaf. All my good body cells, like little good bugs that eat every night little by little out of the tumor or pain leaf, until it is gone. I feed my cells with positive energy and gratitude from my brain and imagine them as little people happy and strong. I know it really sounds crazy, but it works. I do not even get surprised anymore. For me, is working.

Any time you imagine something, think of a series of magazine cartoons, square by square different images all busy with drawing details, imagine every single detail and by the time you get to the end of cartoon, something positive will take place. Thank you!

Author: Taz from Texas
About the Author: I have been using positive affirmation techniques all my life. Last night I saw your movie, The Secret! I was amazed and realized what I have done all my life, it finally made sense. I am a doctor in Physics by primary job, switched in Medical Physics and now deal with Cancer patients on a daily basis. I see patients that have a positive attitude about their cancer and they either are cured or expand their life considerably compared to others that gave up the first day after they find out the news.

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