Success Story: Getting a Perfect Job With the Law of Attraction

If attracting a perfect job into your life is one of your top priorities, you should read this story. In this story the author describes how he used the law of attraction to get the ideal job that he wanted.

In May I decided I wanted to change my job. I had been promoted a few months earlier, but I found my pay raise disappointing and my work uninspiring. I could not see any way to grow in my job and this started frustrating me a lot. At first I thought I could switch jobs with minimal effort, just willing for things to change. Unfortunately, that’s not how things worked. I spend months waiting for the perfect opportunity to show up, but nothing happens. I kept falling deeper into despair and frustration.

In late August I decided I really had to take the situation in my own hands and at least make an effort by an inspired action. So I got myself a job seeker account on LinkedIn and started reaching out to employees of a company I was interested in working for. At the same time, I started to visualize changing my LinkedIn profile to reflect my new job, being at my new office and also moving home to be closer to the new workplace. I also wrote a resignation letter and I kept changing the date on it.

After some weeks of contacting people, I got a hit. It was a somewhat different role to my current job, but I felt I could fit in well. A couple of weeks flew by and I had a lot of interviews. One of these didn’t go so well but I was confident I would show my value in the next one. This is exactly what happened! After concluding the interviews, I got a call from the company telling me that they were keen to hire me. There were two more HR interviews where we agreed upon the compensation. I got exactly the salary I had been thinking of. I remember when the recruiter told me the number; it almost took my breath away when I realized I had actually managed to attract what I wanted.

I was really happy but the complications of changing my job were always on the back of my mind. I was a foreigner in the UK, which meant that I had to change my work visa. I decided to turn my thoughts towards a harmonious resolution of this situation. Now I am happy to say that I will be joining my new job in February.

My experience has taught me a couple of lessons. One is that I should not have been bitter or frustrated towards my old company. The fact is, they invested in me and also paid me a good salary. Indeed, when I moved my thoughts away from negativity towards appreciation, things began to move. Another thing is the power of visualization and self-belief. If you want something really badly, really deeply, the world simply has to make it happen. Remember, thoughts become things!

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