Success Story: Getting Engaged to The Ideal Partner With the Law of Attraction

Since Valentine’s day is just round the corner, I decided to cover stories related to love till the next week. Today’s story shows how the author used the law of attraction to get engaged to the ideal partner that she wanted.

First of all, I want to give my sincere, heartfelt thank you from my heart and soul to God, this beautiful Universe, the world and to The Secret. It is this book that opened my mind to so many different possibilities in life. I knew I could achieve whatever it is that I desired once I stopped contradicting myself with all my negative thoughts. I understood how I was bringing everything to myself. Then it finally hit me. I have a loving God. God would not want me to be feeling like this. He knows all that I desire and he’s already answered, so then why would I be the reason to block the things which I most desired for myself. Even though I had read The Secret 3 years ago, the contents did not hit me until I read it again in December 2016. Then it finally sunk in. All this was of my doing. So here goes my story.

Ever since I graduated university in May 2015, it was my strongest desire to immediately get married and have a family of my own. I absolutely love babies! So when this wasn’t happening it took a toll on me. Especially as I was seeing most of my close friends all getting engaged, married and falling pregnant immediately and this was exactly what I wanted. I felt pity on myself. I would cry and cry and feel horrible about myself. All this time I was thinking, who would love me? Maybe no one wants me as their wife, not knowing that this was exactly what I was attracting back into my life. So once I read The Secret I was like, okay you know what? No more moping around. Time to get my things together.

So I began walking around with my diary. Giving thanks to my husband and family. I wrote down exactly the characteristics I wanted him to have. I didn’t focus much on looks since I believe it is the heart and character which matters most. I wrote exactly how I wanted our life to be. And then I kept affirming that we would get engaged and married before 2017 ended. Of course there were days I had doubts and would feel horrible but I managed to soothe myself back once again. Remember the better you feel the more enthusiastic you get on life, the faster everything just falls into place. It’s about letting go of doubt and fear and having that unwavering faith and belief in God and yourself.

So anyway, guess what? One Friday as I was getting ready for my afternoon nap, my mother called me saying her best friend had called her wanting me for her son. This is how marriage is done in my religion and I was never the one to date. So anyway fast forward. We got engaged on 6th May and our wedding is happening in December 2017!!

So you see how I got exactly what I wanted? I knew 2017 would not end without me getting married and bam, it’s happening. So it’s all about what you keep telling yourself and how much you believe it. You don’t need to even feel 100% good. If you can just maintain yourself at 51% happiness throughout your days and then let that percentage increase gradually, you’ll see how fast everything falls into place! So just know that we all have a loving God and Universe who always wants the best for all of us. The test comes about with just how much we believe. Your belief level will determine how fast and how soon. Just let go and let things unfold nicely and smoothly to your desire. Let your dominant intent be on feeling good. Feel good, feel good, feel good! God has got your back. Relax and chill cause it’s all done. It’s a beautiful life we have.

This is my first story I am writing and I know it won’t be my last. Right now I am focusing on achieving clear, flawless skin, a sexy toned body and being pregnant with twin baby girls. I am in the knowing that it’s all done so I am relaxing and chilling and letting my main focus be on feeling good and letting them flow into my life.

Thank you once again Rhonda for this enlightening book. Forever grateful.


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