Success Story: Curing Multiple Sclerosis With the Law of Attraction

Today’s story is about, how the author used the law of attraction to heal herself of Multiple Sclerosis. She narrates how she used positive thinking and love to cure herself.

Three years ago I started having a numb feeling in my hand that had slowly spread towards my arm and my other hand and a year later in my lower limbs. It was a smooth, gradual onset of very discouraging symptoms that have worsened over time. I would wake up and my legs and/or arms would feel numb, tingling or painful. Sometimes the symptoms persisted for weeks without stop, sometimes it would be for hours but they would always come back. Slowly I started believing I was developing Multiple Sclerosis but I had never mentioned my symptoms to anyone of my family or friends.

I started dating a man that gave me all the reasons to believe in the beauty of life and the power of love and after reading a motivational book, I have decided to make a doctor’s appointment a year ago. I had told my boyfriend my fears and I got full support from him, more than I would have ever imagined. I followed The Secret’s advice which I knew about for a while, but it had been hard to apply it at first when I felt lost. Now however, I truly, deeply believed it worked! I was having my MRI and I repeated my own little positive mantra in my head. I tried to be present in that moment to fully feel my arms and limbs, thinking about my love and my family. I was expecting to receive the news from my Neurologist a week after, when I had my appointment but to my big surprise the radiologist told right away when helping me get off the bed. “Rest assured, there are no lesions on your brain”.!

This Universe only knows what it was that caused my symptoms, but ever since then I have had no cramps, no numbness, no pain. A year later I am writing my testimony to inspire people to believe and to be positive. To find what they love and to fight for it with all their strength because miracles do exist! I am truly blessed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, Universe.


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