A Teenager’s Law of Attraction Success Story

Today’s author is a teenager who has vastly benefited from the law of attraction. He shares how he changed his life by staying positive.

The old me would always speak negative of things that I did not want to do, and from that, I attracted more negative situations. From so much negativity, I became sick. I ended up in the Hospital for stomach problems. However, the doctor never figured out what my situation was or what was wrong with me until my Grandmother did a bit of research on my symptoms and figured it out. When I was 13 and in and out of the hospital, my Grandmother introduced me to the movie The Secret. Now, at that age, I didn’t have the patience or the maturity to try to apply the techniques to my life, so I continued my bad habit of speaking negativity over my life and therefore continued to experience awful stomach pains.

My Grandmother sent me a book, The Secret To Teen Power. It completely changed my perspective of the world. It taught me that I should be grateful for things that I have in life. Eventually, as I applied The Secret to all aspects of my life, all my stomach pains went away. I gained great maturity and patience. Life was absolutely amazing.

Around my junior year of high school, my mom said,“I need to get a job.” I ask God to send me a job and God did absolutely that. Within two weeks, I received a job at Burger King. I was so thankful for that job. I continued working there for four months, but eventually, I had to quit due to management complications. So I asked God to please send me another job. In less than a week, he granted me that blessing. My Dad offered me an assistant position at his job. I was overly grateful for this opportunity, plus I would be making five dollars more an hour. I thank God every day for that opportunity because now I work at an amazing company, at the age of 17! I truly love working with such an uplifting group of people, plus I’ve been promoted twice!

In conclusion, I am a prime example that the Law of attraction exists. I am a 17 year old interning in corporate America who loves his job and drives a luxury car. I am truly blessed and thankful for what God has done and what he has sent to me in my life.

Thank you so much Mrs. Rhonda!

Author: Ken White from Lawrenceville, GA
About the Author: I gained the knowledge of The Secret at a very young age.
Source: https://www.thesecret.tv/stories/17-corporate-america/

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