Success Story: A Vision Board in 2017 – Reality of 2018

This is the best time to read this success story. The author describes how everything she had put on the vision board in Jan 2017 is a reality now. She explains how she used gratitude and faith to manifest all her desires put up on the vision board.

At the beginning of January, I created my vision board for 2017. On my board, I placed a picture of a home located in the city I wanted to move to. Moving meant a change for my children. I am a single mother and I knew that my family needed a fresh start and I promised myself that I would use The Secret to help us. In addition to our new home, I placed a picture of a check to symbolize the new bank account I wanted as my banking history was not up to par. I also placed a picture of a new car, specifically a 2014 Chevy Impala. I decided in my heart that my family would be living in our new home and city by June 18th which was just 5 days after my son’s 17th birthday.

I reread The Secret and played the movie every day. I also began acting as if my desire was happening, including packing and getting rid of things that I was not taking with me. I closed my old bank account and used only pre-paid cards for things like Netflix and Hulu. I used gratitude daily and was extremely positive for the smallest things including just walking through my house.

I am excited to say that in no time at all, everything manifested. I also declared to the Universe that I am receiving. I am letting you work and provide the desires of my heart. I am so excited to tell you that The Secret works. It worked for me and it will work for you. I can not wait to share my next story. My next goal is my marriage to my wonderful husband.


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