Success Story: Using Gratitude Like Magic to Manifest Anything!

Today’s law of attraction success story, shared by Holly, describes how she used gratitude and the Magic to manifest all the good things in her life.

I have always been an active believer in The Secret since its release, but I sometimes needed a shake in the right direction to get back on track.

Two years ago my husband and I had two big dreams; to sell our house and move into a bigger one and to have a second child. To get The Secret working in our favor, I wrote down everything I wanted in a dream house. The shape, size, features, even the neighborhood we wanted to live in. I began to imagine a child in my belly. I felt the sensations of a baby kicking and envisioned a positive pregnancy test. Suddenly the house that I’d been dreaming of appeared in my real estate listings and it was even better than I’d ever imagined. We placed a bid without hesitation and were accepted, pending the sale of our current home. That same week I discovered I was pregnant. All was looking great.

Just two weeks later our house received an offer. We set a close date and began to make plans. However, suddenly the offer fell through and things started to crumble. The vendors of our dream house began to lose faith in us. Then to my disbelief, I miscarried the baby. I was devastated. I had lost faith and things were disappearing from my life.

As part of our recovery, we decided to take a family trip. I felt compelled to buy “The Magic” on our travels, and I found the book after a chance stop. I began to practice the daily activities immediately. My favorite was the activity to list ten reasons why you are grateful for when something goes wrong. I managed to find ten reasons why I was glad the house deal had fallen through, and even ten for why I was grateful that I miscarried. I focused on things like timing, and the baby’s health, reasoning that it was all for a bigger purpose. At my work I began a staff “Thank You” project where my co-workers filled out thank you slips for each other, thanking them for any and every little thing. Every month I did a draw where two lucky people who had been thanked, won a small prize. Then I distributed all the thank you slips to their recipients. The ripple effect was amazing! Everyone loved being appreciated and each month the number of slips being given grew and grew!

Just two short weeks after I finished up The Magic practices, something amazing happened. A new potential buyer wanted to view our current house. I sprinkled Magic Dust on the stairs at the entrance as I left before she arrived. It worked! We got another bid on our house and this time it went through. We went for another viewing of our dream house and this time, I really visualized living in it. I touched door knobs and light switches, transporting myself to the future when doing these things would just be part of my regular day. I wrote my name with new address over and over again. I could feel the vibration of the attraction frequency and when we contacted the vendors, we managed to convince them to accept another offer from us. While we waited to hear back from our realtor, I felt nauseated, so we purchased a pregnancy test. Within an hour of each other, we found out we were pregnant and that our house deal was finally done!

Now I sit in that dream house, just as I envisioned, while my new baby sleeps down the hall. I know that The Magic got these things for me and that I can turn negative circumstances completely upside down. Now I practice The Magic activities as part of my daily routine and know that as long as faith is stronger than fear, the sky is the limit to what I can have!

Author: Holly R. from Canada.

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