Success Story: Manifested My Goal In My Studies!!

In today’s story the author narrates how she used the law of attraction to manifest all education goals.

This is Jacqueline from India. I want to share with you all about the goals I had in my life with regards to my education, the struggles I faced and how The Secret helped me manifest it. My aim was to become a Company Secretary and I took the course relating to it and encountered lot of struggles for around 5 years. The Secret was my only companion throughout which made me never give up and gave me grand success!!!!

By God’s grace I cleared the first stage at my first attempt and moved on to the second stage where I was stuck for a whole 4 years. Every time I wrote it, I flunked. It was such a depressing thing and it gave me unbearable pain to see my failure after putting in so much handwork.

I was stuck financially and also in so many other ways. I was not able to move on to pursue any other studies I was not able to move on in my life. It was at this stage I came to know about The Secret. I was asked to give up and move on by my dear ones. But I applied The Secret and cleared it and moved on to the third stage of the course. Now I had to clear 8 papers in just one attempt as the validity of the registration was only good for 5 years.

I told myself this is it. I am going to do everything that it takes for me to clear it in one shot. But again I was advised by my dear ones to not do that. They said I should apply for an extension of registration and take 3 papers minimum in one shot and clear it gradually. After hearing that I struggled a lot with 3 papers during my second stage of exams.

But when you know how The Secret works in your life you can’t limit yourself to normal practical thoughts. You want magnificent things to happen in your life. You want magical things to happen in your life. So I ignored everybody, took 3 months to prepare to face the battle for the preparation of 8 papers. I took a printout of a mark sheet and gave the marks I wanted to each subject. I pasted it all over my room so that every day I would get up and study but before my sleep I saw it and thanked for the marks. I also applied the visualization process throughout. I would imagine the result day and how happy I would be on that day and how happy I was telling all my dear ones about it. I lived it as if it already happened.

With the help of The Secret I was able to face the continuous 8 days of exams confidently. I got so weak on the fifth day with little energy left but God gave me special power to complete the exams successfully.

The result day came after 2 months and believe me, I was blank, numb and not even able to stand properly. I cannot explain my feelings that I had on that day. I had asked one of my friends to check out my result. She called me 2 minutes after the results were declared. I could not attend her call so I just stared at my mobile for a while with my family surrounding me.

Finally, I collected some guts to attend her call and guess what she said?! Those unbelievable words, those words I was waiting to hear. Yes, she said, you did it, you cleared!!!!

Oh what a precious moment it was. I will never be able to forget this moment in my life, ever. I felt so much joy and relief that I busted out with tears of joy. Such is the power of applying LOA, being committed to your wants and letting the Universe work it out for you.

Life was magical after that in getting my job and in other many things. Even now as I am writing this story, I feel the assurance that I will be writing a story soon about my love life and marriage, which is going to be even more magical. Hope to share with you all soon.

Wishing everybody loads of happiness and blessings!!! Do your best, let go and receive when it comes!!!

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